YouTube for golf swing tips? Maybe not the best idea

If you can, avoid using youtube as a tool or a source of information to fix your bad golf shots.

The information on youtube is very helpful for golf swing tips… But!!!! It may not apply to your swing…

During the last number of months, I have come across a number of golfers explaining to me during a golf lesson  that they have used YouTube to find the fix for their golf swing. But in these cases, that action has only made everything worse!

Visit your local PGA Golf Professional and start working on your golf swing for better results.


John Dooley PGA

Golf swing tips

Working on a golf swing

A recent testimonial

Good Afternoon John,

I felt out of courtesy to yourself John that I ought to send a formal & very sincere thank you to you for sticking with me and persevering with me yesterday and to give you some feedback.

What I valued and was most impressed with was the fact that you battled to find a solution that was specific to me. Also, I found the session tough which I think is a very positive thing as I had to tackle head on the problems that you clearly identified.


And I was struggling to get there but obviously no pain no gain as they say.


Importantly I have attained my objectives of finding out what the issues were, (as I knew instinctively there was more than one issue going on which I simply could not and never would have been able to identify never mind actually fix by myself)getting to the solutions and defining clearly what practice routines I need.


I have had lots of formal & “informal” instruction John (the usual YouTube, DVD’s, unsolicited on course advice..etc..etc) but I can say positively that this is the first time in my 8th season of regular golf  that I actually have any understanding of what was going on and what needs to happen.


I will see you in again next week, please God.


Thank you & Kind Regards,


John Cousins

C/O TECA Shipping Services Ltd, Cork