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Golf Lessons Cork

Golf Lessons Cork

Hi all,

As I have posted before, I have been hooking the ball for the best part of 4 years now. Initially it wasn’t too bad but it just got worse and worse. I gave up golf last year only playing 3 or 4 times. I went back to it with gusto this year and am playing nearly every week. Same problem though, even worse. I have looked online, read up and went for a lesson with a well known pro. No joy! I was about to pack it in but went to the range for one last time. I had a bucket of 60 balls. After hitting 25 hooks in a row I asked the guy next to me would he mind taking a video of me with my phone. We got chatting and he recommended a pro in Glanmire called John Dooley. I thanked him and continued to hit the rest of the balls. In all 2 out of 60 were good, the rest were hooking with the exception of the driver where one in 3 were snap hooks!!

I said “what the heck, I’ll give this guy a go and if he can’t fix it then I’m giving it up”. I made my appointment for the Monday evening and turned up as planned. John runs the lessons from Riverstown House in Glanmire, a big, beautiful old house. Out front he has built a fairway with 3 greens.

So, we meet and he explains the plan. He sets up his camera and asks me to hit a few balls. After the 2nd shot he had it diagnosed. He brought me around to the camera and we watched my swing. To my un-trained eye I thought it was good enough actually. I do have a nice, smooth swing and it looked OK. John pointed out I was standing to upright and I was taking the club back inside. I kind of knew this but it wasn’t until he had me hitting a few with me squatting (as I thought it was) that I realised.

I felt sorry for John as he tried so many things to try to get me to take it back straight, but every time I took it back on the inside. We did lots of turning exercises and eventually he had me hitting irons with the ball on a high tee and then I started hitting them well. They were really good and not like anything I’ve hit before. I was deflated though as the ball was up on a 2 inch tee.

He gave me great exercises to do and I’ve done them every day. I went to the range 3 nights afterwards not expecting much. I got 60 balls again. 40 of them were better than I have ever hit the ball. 5 were heavy (but ok & straight) and 5 were hooks.

I decided to play yesterday evening ever though I probably should have held off until after at least my next lesson. It was a lovely warm evening and my Dad was going to so I said what the heck. I played 14 holes I’ve never hit it so well! There’s a par 3 where we play that’s usually a decent 7 iron to the front for me. I hit an 8 iron and saw it land on the green. Both myself and my Dad couldn’t find it (I even checked the hole but no joy). I was about to just carry on but took a walk around the back of the green…there she was after rolling off. I had 4 pars in a row at one stage.

To say that I’m ecstatic would be an understatement. I have another 3 lessons booked in as I want to really embed this “new” swing.

John’s details are below and I would be very comfortable recommending him.

http://johndooleypga.ie reference: http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=91457483

Video golf lessons Cork


This is an email note I recently received from a golfer after we worked on his golf swing using video technology.   One of the benefits from using video to teach golf; is that the golfer can view the small of larger changes to his/hers swing with instant feedback. So they can see the changes and feel the movements from coaching messages that I am explaining. I must add, that I am delighted with the golfers results after our video golf lesson.

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Hi John,

Thanks again for the lesson. I’ve been doing the exercises and went to the range this evening to try it out, but I wasn’t expecting much. I hit approx 50 balls. 40 of them were better than I have EVER hit the ball! I was using my 7 iron and they were about 10 yards longer than my previous “good” shot. 5 were heavy (but not too bad) and 5 were hooks. To put this into perspective, the night before the lesson I also hit 50 balls, hooking 48 of them!

I’ll keep practising the exercises and really looking forward to our lesson. I’ll definitely will keep working you as I want to make these changes permanent.

Thanks again & see you Monday-week for more golf lessons in Cork!

Jim MacCarthy

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Golf Lessons Cork | Swing tips from John Dooley PGA

Golf Lessons Cork

Golf Lessons Cork

Practice method | swing tips

I was working with a gent today on simplifying his swing-thoughts during his swing/shot.

He was in a situation where there was too many thoughts going though his mind as he was hitting the golf ball. As a result of too many thoughts; he ended up trying to swing the club differently on every swing.

So we worked on making ONE feel good practice swing. This practice swing was as good as he could possible make, as if the ball was in-front of him to be struck.

Straight away without too much thought, he set up retained that swing feeling in his mind and made a similar swing when hitting the ball.

After a bit of work, this proved to work particularly well and he started to feel more confident about his swing and then started to hit a lot more solid shots. This action is now part of his pre-shot routine.

A. The point is; you need to believe that your swing is good and not bad
B. Make plenty of feel good practice swings
C. Retain that feeling and make that same feel good swing for that next shot

Keep the game simple and it works…

John Dooley PGA…
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