Fake Golf Pride Grips on the loose


Red is a Fake

Not only are there counterfeit golf clubs but there are also counterfeit golf grips. 

A customer arrived yesterday with some new grips to be fitted and on an initial glance they looked like normal Golf Pride Multicompound whiteout grips. However as soon as they were touched it was obvious there was something not quite right about them. The grip felt too rubbery.The ridges along the grip were much more pronounced. The font on the grip sticker was different. The grip was longer then the genuine one. The thickness of the grip was variable. The writing on the top of the grip was just a little different too. Suspect!


Red is a Fake


When the grip was installed it didn’t quite fit the shaft well either and the top of the grip was slightly loose at the top when fitted. I can only imagine that the grips will become useless in the rain after a short space of time been used. “Buyer beware! Watch out for the Fake Golf Pride grips”

In the photos I hope you can see the differences. The blue whiteout is genuine. The red is the counterfeit grip.

Grip on the left is counterfeit


Remember if the deal is too good to be true it’s a red flag, especially is you are purchasing from an Internet website or sales contact. If you are in doubt, try and get one grip as a sample. Then take that grip to a trusted golf repairs expert for his/hers verification. I strongly suggest to view Golfpride’s website (http://www.golfpride.com/grips/decade-multicompound/), you can zoom in on the grips and this can help you make a decision.

Or just contact my good self… Johnny.dooley@gmail.com or mobile 0879277997 should you have any questions.

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Practice your 80 yard pitch shots

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Its January 2015 and more sunshine please to practice your 80 yard pitch shots

Lets decide to play the game differently…

In lieu of Mr Bomber (you) hitting the ball as close to the green as possible and or trying to play mad golf shots with a less than 50% chance of success. If you find yourself with any one of the following swing (or similar) issues during a round of golf, perhaps reconsider the shot you’re about to play?????

* The/your swing is not preforming as well as it could or you have hot too many poor shots prior to playing the “now” big shot!
* The ball is lying poorly and it maybe difficult to hot the ball cleanly or you are not 100% confident about how the ball is lying. 
* There are a number of traps and or hazards around the green which maybe a horrible situation should you missed the green.
* The wind is stronger than normal and that will push the ball further left or right if you don’t hit the ball perfectly.

* Ask yourself are you a 100% confident that you can play the shot really well?  

There are many other situations and my point is; if you are not 100% sure of making the shot, then don’t play it…

So what to do?

You can!

Lay up to 80 – 100 yards shot of the green and hit the ball close to the hole.

Sounds simple and it can be a easy solution to saving you a few shots.

All you need to do is find your preferred distance with your favourite wedge and practice hitting balls to suit that distance a lot. Practice, practice and practice with more practice.

Keep going….

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