Golf club loft and Lie angles


A golfer that I teach golf had bought a new set of golf clubs. During a recent golf lesson with that golfers, he asked me “do these clubs suit my swing?”

From previous golf swing data I have on file for this golfer’s golf-club testing days with Trackman. The shaft weight and shaft flex suited his swing speed, however the ball flight was generally swinging hard to the left at the end of the shot. So that would indicate that the golf club’s lie angle was a bit too upright from him.

We worked for about 20 – 90 minutes going from hitting balls on a strike board to adjusting the lie angle on his 6 iron until we had the correct lie angle to suit his swing. We ended up adjusting all his golf club’s lie angles by 5 degrees flatter, which is a lot, but the resulting ball flight became straighter and his scores are better.

Do check:

  1. That your golf equipment is suited to your golf swing
  2. Check the shaft flex is suited your swing speed your golf club loft and lie angles.
  3. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at this web link

Happy golfing!

Checking loft and lie angles

Golf club loft and lie angles | Golf club repairs cork