Should you arrange a Golf Club custom fitting?

What is a Golf Club custom fitting?

A golf club custom fitting is going through an accurate process of trial and error to find the best combination of golf club loft, club lie angle, shaft weight & flex and club swing weight that can be suited to a golfer’s swing to hit more accurate golf shots.

In recent years the technological advances has made the golf club fitting process easier to measure and analysis all types of golf swings. A golf club custom fitting used to be a method for only the top amateurs and golf professionals identifying what is the best golf club they should use to play better golf.

But this is not the case any longer. Golf club custom fittings has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering golfers the ability to measure their golf swings and understand what golf club specifications works best for their swings.

During a golf club custom fitting, you would expect to be measured and tested to collect the following information:

How tall are you, the length of your arms or measuring from your knuckles to the ground, club head speed and your golf swing technique. We use the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer and Swing DNA system along with trackman to clearly identify what shaft and club head will suit your golf swing. Our club fitting session typically lasts about 1 hour. We need to test your current golf clubs performance verse the suggested new golf club to show you the differences in performance. If asked I will gladly offer golf swing advice during the club fitting session.

Checking loft and lie angles

Checking loft and lie angles

Where can you find a location to book a golf club custom fitting?

  1. Visit your local PGA Professional. He or She will have the experience and knowledge to work with you to find your particular golf club specifications to suit you. But depending on their golf club facilities that golf club fitting maybe hitting golf balls into a net and this is called a static club fitting. The disadvantage with a static fitting is that it’s hard to get a feel for the golf club and you wont be able to compare the ball flight against your current clubs. A PGA professional at driving range would be best suited that at a golf club with poor facilities. At the driving range you could well be hitting balls with a launch monitor comparing data between different golf club models and shafts.


  1. Sign up and test golf clubs at demo days by hosted by Titlest, Taylormade, Ping, Callaway & other golf club companies. These golf club demonstration days are typically arrange through PGA Golf Professionals, driving ranges, golf club custom fitters and golf retailers. You can be fitted by excellent club fitters from their total range of shaft flexes, there should be just about every type of golf club to test from that company’s product range. The down side is that this type of fitting may only be scheduled once a year in your area.


  1. This is probably the best option; book into a golf club fitting centre such as the Titleist or a Mizuno Club Fitting Centre. You can arrange a Mizuno Golf Club fitting with us at John Dooley PGA or we can arrange a Titleist fitting for you at the Carton House. There are also Ping & Taylormade fitting centres located in the UK.


  1. Make an appointment with a local professional golf club fitter. Their service is focused solely on finding the best golf club specification and there is no bias on what shaft of what your best fit club is for your swing. You can research this on-line by checking who is the local golf club custom fitting expert. They may well be skilled club fitters using technologies like Trackman or a launch monitor that will highlight the differences how golf clubs performs for your swing.

My Suggestion:

Visit a club fitter that uses a good quality golf balls, uses reliable technology to measure golf club swing speeds & etc, that has an up to date certifications (such as Trackman University Certification, level 1 or level 2), that you are fitted hitting balls off grass and that you can see the ball flying rather than hitting a ball into a net.

Mizuno Golf Club fitting Cork

Mizuno Golf Club custom fittings

Trackman summary test results: 

Recently using trackman we tested the difference between hitting golf balls off a golf range mat that we use verses hitting balls off the grass. From the trackman data collected, we have found that there are major differences between the two scenarios.

Hitting golf balls off a range mat will more than likely launch the ball higher resulting in longer shots than hitting off the grass and the ball spin rates are completely different. I would recommend that golfers should be fitting hitting balls off grass rather than a range mat.

What type of player should arrange a golf club fitting session?

All golfers should be measured and fitted for golf clubs to suit their golf swing. It does not matter if you are a beginner, a scratch, a mid or a high handicapper. You will hit your better shots a lot better with the right clubs for your golf swing.

If you have any questions or if you would like to talk in more detail about golf club fittings? Please do not hesitate to contact me at or please call at 0879277997


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