A Quick Putting Tip

Putting Tip

A quick putting tip to workout if you are hitting putts off the heel of the putter. You may be trying to make too straight a putter backswing. Thus causing a hooded putter face which can send the putter off track when putting the ball.

The following is a tip for you to work on your putter swing path:

Practise; making the putter swing slightly inside during your backswing so you can hit the ball along the line of the putt towards your target. The point here is to keep the putting function simple but spend a lot of time practising the art of putting.

The following is a tip for your grip:

If you are looking for a guide to help you with hitting the ball along the line of your putt. (For right-handed golfer) Place your index finger from your right hand along the right side of the putter grip. This finger position is aimed at giving you a sense of hitting/putting the ball to your target or along the line of the putt.

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John Dooley PGA


Putting tip with John Dooley PGA

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Cork Coaching Golf

Golf Coaching Cork

Golf Coaching Cork

My approach to Coaching Golf

I typically start each of my golf lessons by observing the golfer’s ball flight. I ask a series of questions to identify his or her’s golf skill levels and the amount of golf that they are playing. The golfer would typically start warming up their swing by hitting a series of wedge shots. Then onto their 7 iron, 5 irons and woods until I am satisfied that I have identified the golfer’s swing faults. Or in other words, I am watching the golfer hitting golf balls so I can identify clearly what are the parts of their golf swing and or body movements that are affecting the club face at the point of impact. It is important for golfers and to talk as much as possible so I can gain a greater understanding of their approach and thoughts towards playing golf.


Ball flight:

I like to keep the ball flight information simple without talking about how all the ball flight factors that can affect your ball flight direction. So let’s keep the ball flight or explaining how to hit a straight shot down to two factors;

  1. The direction that the golfer’s swing the club (swing-path)
  2. Where the club face is pointing when the club face hits the ball. Ideally, we would like to have our swing path and club face pointing towards our intended target when striking the ball.

Depending on the club number and loft of the club; should you position the ball left of centre and gradually move the ball further left as you hit balls with the same club. You may notice that you are hitting the ball higher and the opposite happens should you move the ball position right of centre. What is important here is that each golfer should identify their suited ball position for each golf club to maximise their potentially best ball fight with any one of their clubs.


Body movement:

To practice how the body turns during your golf swing. I recommend practising three types of exercises. (Right-hand golfers) (Practice the opposite for left handed golfers)

  1. Hip turn exercise. ¼ turn to your right and fully turn onto your left side (to avoid your right leg straightening, remember to keep your right knee flexed as you make the ¼ turn to the right
  2. Full body turning exercise. Place a club across your shoulders then turn your shoulders approx. 90 degrees to the right “your back is facing the target” and follow by turning your body to the left (another 180 degrees) until your chest & hips are facing the target with your right toe pointed into the ground
  3. Practise swing drill.
    1. This practice swing drill is that you can make a ¾ length back swing or for right handed golfers; swing your left arm back to an 11 o’clock position.
    2. Hold at the top of your backswing for 3 seconds, then turn your hips first and swing the club just slightly after you move your hips. Both swing parts move into the follow-through position where your hips are fully turned with your right toe pointed into the group. Then the club is behind your neck and your weight is balanced on your left foot.

Swing path:

I like working with a straight back and straight through swing path. I like the half swing drill to help work on creating a better take away and improving the club head swing throught the shot. Using a couple of poles or tees as props can help you with working on your swing path.

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Swing path

Practising golf:

Schedule your practise golf times and add a structure to how you practice. I like the approach of plenty of skill based exercises to promote good body movement habits rather than hitting ball after balls. Try practising with a basket of range balls.

Make 5 x hips turns exercises, 5 x shoulder turns exercises & 5 x practice swings.

  • Start your pre-shot routine
  • Make two or three really good practice swings and feel what your good ‘swing movement’ is.
  • Build your set up again
  • Imagine and picture the images of that particular good swing hitting the ball to the target
  • Set up again then and hit the shot
  • Repeat the same method as above taking that routine to the golf courses.

Most of all keep working on your game. Identify your poor performing areas of your game by analysing a time period such as monthly rather than after every game. Please avoid putting yourself under too much pressure to perform. You will get better at playing golf, just keep going and keep playing.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Dooley PGA.

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