Five big! Golf equipment myths

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Five big! Golf equipment myths

Myth 1 – Club Fitting is only for good players

Most certainly not, anyone and all golfers should be fitted for their golf clubs. Golf can be a hard game and golf is a hard game to learn. To play better golf, ensure you are custom fitted for the right set of golf clubs for you.

The biggest gains are almost always achieved by higher handicap golfers. It’s very common for higher handicap golfers to gain 19-26 yards from a customised fitted driver, the gains for lower handicap golfers tend to be around 4-11 yards. This is mostly to do with a shaft that is either too stiff or too whippy and the golfer’s set up is promoting a steeper downswing or angle of attack.

Myth 2 – It’s the Indian not the Arrow

A golf club is a golf club, what difference can it make? Well this is the specifically the golfer’s skill levels/ability and technique not the equipment in the golf bag.Part of this statement is correct and any golfer can buy a new or second hand set of clubs and win a golf competition. But if buying the wrong equipment will limit the golfer’s ability to hit good golf shots. Using golf equipment that suits a golfer’s swing may turn a 15 handicapper into a 13 with no extra practice. But to go from a 13 handicap to a 6 handicap requires good golf coaching, a good practice method, a lot of work, good motivation and 100% effort.

Myth 3 – It takes time to get used to new equipment

Immediately if a golfer’s new golf clubs are not out performing their old clubs then the golfer’s new clubs are not better than the old clubs. A driver that suits a golfer’s swing will either carry the ball longer or a straighter ball-flight or both. A new driver should only take a small number of shots to get used to. If the new driver is not producing a longer or more accurate shot right away, I would suggest putting the old driver back in the bag.

Myth 4 – is the newest golf equipment is the best?

Since the early 2000s there is a limit on the COR (coefficient of restitution) or spring like effect on drivers. As most clubs manufactured since the limit was introduced are near this they are very similar in performance.If a golfer uses a driver that suits their golf swing, the golfer will enjoy centred ball strikes, along with optimal launch conditions and it’s very unlikely that a new driver will significantly add more distance & accuracy to their golf tee shot.

Myth 5 – The longer your driver the further you’ll hit it.

A longer length driver is harder to control, thus the golfer will no enjoy more off centred strikes, with less ball speed thus reducing distance. The surprising this is that shorter shafts are easier to control and golf may find more centred golf ball strikes. This leads to both a higher ball speed and straighter golf shots. Most standard driver lengths are 44 inches are suited to most golfers than 47+ inch drivers.
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Golf club loft and Lie angles


A golfer that I teach golf had bought a new set of golf clubs. During a recent golf lesson with that golfers, he asked me “do these clubs suit my swing?”

From previous golf swing data I have on file for this golfer’s golf-club testing days with Trackman. The shaft weight and shaft flex suited his swing speed, however the ball flight was generally swinging hard to the left at the end of the shot. So that would indicate that the golf club’s lie angle was a bit too upright from him.

We worked for about 20 – 90 minutes going from hitting balls on a strike board to adjusting the lie angle on his 6 iron until we had the correct lie angle to suit his swing. We ended up adjusting all his golf club’s lie angles by 5 degrees flatter, which is a lot, but the resulting ball flight became straighter and his scores are better.

Do check:

  1. That your golf equipment is suited to your golf swing
  2. Check the shaft flex is suited your swing speed your golf club loft and lie angles.
  3. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at this web link

Happy golfing!

Checking loft and lie angles

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Mizuno Golf Iron Fitting Cart

At John Dooley PGA, we have the full iron golf club fitting cart from Mizuno Golf.

You can book a Mizuno Iron club fitting time by contact us at or call 0879277997 to book a time and date that suits you.

Mizuno Club fitting session are available Monday to Sunday during daylight hours. Each club fitting session should take approximately 30 minutes to fully identify what shaft and which club-head is the right golf club for your golf swing.

Plus you can buy the whole range of Mizuno golf clubs directly from John Dooley PGA.

Mizuno Golf Iron Fitting Cart and Custom Fit Mizuno Irons.


2015-04-21 17.36.08












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Currently have an offer on Ashura multi compound grips, just €6 each

Currently we have an offer on Ashura multi compound grips. Each grip is just €6 each. Our deal is €70 for a set of 13 and we can adjust your loft and lies adjustment as well for free with this deal!



Golf grip deal

Ashura Multi-compound grips


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Fake Golf Pride Grips on the loose

Red is a Fake

Not only are there counterfeit golf clubs but there are also counterfeit golf grips. 

A customer arrived yesterday with some new grips to be fitted and on an initial glance they looked like normal Golf Pride Multicompound whiteout grips. However as soon as they were touched it was obvious there was something not quite right about them. The grip felt too rubbery.The ridges along the grip were much more pronounced. The font on the grip sticker was different. The grip was longer then the genuine one. The thickness of the grip was variable. The writing on the top of the grip was just a little different too. Suspect!

Red is a Fake


When the grip was installed it didn’t quite fit the shaft well either and the top of the grip was slightly loose at the top when fitted. I can only imagine that the grips will become useless in the rain after a short space of time been used. “Buyer beware! Watch out for the Fake Golf Pride grips”

In the photos I hope you can see the differences. The blue whiteout is genuine. The red is the counterfeit grip.

Grip on the left is counterfeit


Remember if the deal is too good to be true it’s a red flag, especially is you are purchasing from an Internet website or sales contact. If you are in doubt, try and get one grip as a sample. Then take that grip to a trusted golf repairs expert for his/hers verification. I strongly suggest to view Golfpride’s website (, you can zoom in on the grips and this can help you make a decision.

Or just contact my good self… or mobile 0879277997 should you have any questions.

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Golf Lessons in Cork for Christmas

Christmas offer

  • We are offering you a Christmas golf lessons as a present for the golfers in your family.

The golf lessons are easy to purchase, you can call or text or email your enquiry. The sale can be process from your smart phone or over a phone call.

Please note that we will keep protect your personal shared with us and once all transactions are completed. All your information is deleted without any possibility of recovery.

Please contact us as soon as possible via:


Text/phone call to 087-9277997

Learning to play golf has never being easier. We offer a private practice range with the best of golf equipment for you to improve your golf game. Generally golf takes time and a lot of practice to get better at striking the golf ball. My advise is keep playing regardless and keep going.

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The Importance of Checking Iron Lofts and Lies


Loft and lie check

Loft and lie check

Last week during a golf lesson the golfer asked about what can he do about his 5 iron. “I can’t get it into the air” So I suggested we need to check the lofts and the lies of his iron set.

We checked the irons using a Mitchell Steelclub Signature Angle Machine. The results are in the table as follows:




Original Loft


Original Lie





































We can see immediately why the golfer was having trouble with his 5 iron. The loft of the 5 iron was 22 degrees, 2 degrees lower then his 4 iron!! The 5 iron was hitting the ball further then the 4 iron, this creates a little problem with club selection. It also creates the further problem of a 7 degree gap between the 5 iron and the 6 iron, creating a big distance gap between both, compounding club selection problems.

The 6,7,8,9 irons are quite a bit stronger that the standard loft angles. But at least there’s consistent gap between them. However there’s a 7 degree gap between the 9 iron and the wedge, creating another distance gap problem between the 2 clubs.

We can also see the lies have changed a bit, giving the player some directional problems as well.

The solution in this case was straight forward. The clubs needed to be adjusted back into the correct lofts and lies, giving the player a consistent loft gap between the clubs and making club selection a lot easier. The correct lie angles also would give the player straighter golf shots.

My case to point out to you is that you should check the lofts and the lies of your clubs on a regular basis, especially if you play, practice quite a bit, used forged clubs and play on firm turf. Getting the lofts and lies checked doesn’t take a whole lot of time! At John Dooley PGA we can provide that service to you in a fast and professional manner. Bending them to correct angles is also quick and is done for a nominal fee.

Any questions that you may have or comments that you need to make are greatly appreciated.

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