Simple Practice Golf Method

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Practising Golf

Three 15-minutes practise sessions keeping practising fresh!

Practice session 1: Pre-shot routine 15 minutes

1 Pick the shot to play with the club
2 Use your “minds eye” to see a clear imagine of the flight of the golf shot you’re about to play
3 Internally feel and believe that you are in a very happy place
4 Make that practise swing that includes both the mental feeling and an excellent practice swing
5 Set up and  hit the shot to the target
6 Repart the process

Practice session 2: Aiming the club 15 minutes

1 Identify ball to target line and use poles or golf shafts as guides
2 Identify the leading edge of the club and align the leading edge perpendicular to that ball to target line
3 stand directly behind the ball and find a point/leaf/odd looking grass or etc, a foot or two in front of the ball to target line. Use that mark as you aiming guide
4 make a good practice swing, then set up and aim the club correctly
5 Hit the shot and repeat the process

Practice session 3: Rotation exercises

1 5 x Hip-turn exercises
2 5 x Full body-turn exercises
3 5 x Pause & hold for 3 seconds then turn and swing thought drill
4 5 x Speed stick swings right & left handed with the 3 weighted sticks
5 5 x Opposite handed practice swings
6 5 x Opposite handed golf shots

Practice session 4: Opposite Hand Hitting

Practice hitting the ball with an opposite hand club. So if you are right hand, may I suggest find a left handed 6 or 7 iron. Furthermore, start practising hitting opposite hand for al least one hour a week. To help with the opposite hand swing. Practise the turning exercises in the opposite movement and swing, swing and swing away.


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A golf practice method you can work on…


John Dooley PGA


Practice method to work on:

Typically when you are not playing a lot of golf your hand/eye coordination suffers and I see this a lot when I am looking at how golfers aim their club to their intended targets during a coaching session.

In this instance, I suggest to and work with the golfer on their pre-shot routine to gradually rebuild good on-course habits.

This is an example of how I approach this situation.
1. Make a series of body connection exercises (hip turns, body turns & baseball swings), these exercises improves your skill of turning constantly through the shot
2. If you have not been playing golf at all in the last few months, I may also get you to make 5 vertical leap exercises (this depends on age and your mobility) – this is a great exercise to get the heart pumping and this exercise may also increase your body speed as you turn through the shot.
3. Select a club and a shot to play (I would start you off with a PW, then a 4 iron back to a PW, then on to a 6 iron and continuously mix up the clubs after every couple of shots) – a range of different shots will improve your hand/eye coordination.
4. Make two meaningful practice swings (a meaningful practice swing; is the best possible swing you can make)
5. Feel that practice swing, hold onto that feeling…
6. Take dead aim, set up and hit that shot using that feel good practice swing.
My example will take a lot of metal discipline and effort to do correctly, but you can make a commitment to yourself to do it. Why not and of course you can! Try this with a bucket of 30 balls and see how this works out for you. Keep going and enjoy…

Improved aim
Improved hand/eye coordination
Improved pre-shot routine
Improved focus on making good practice swings and a greater chance of hitting better shots

Please feel free to post any comments publicly or a private message is great too..

I hope you can get out to play and try this method out.

John Dooley PGA