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Golf Distance Study – “Push Ups for Driving Distance”

Notably, most golfers that I coach are looking for extra distance off the tee and they ask similar questions such as, “how can I hit a longer tee shot? How can I improve my driving distance? Can you help me carry the ball further? I just want to hit further golf shots, can you help?”

Drive Golf is looking for volunteers again to take part in another distance study. The opposite side study worked very well this year so we are going to another study.

This year’s study will be ‘Push Ups for Distance’. Another nice, simple and fun study and this will be a 2-month study. Our study; will entail golfers doing 20 push ups 3 times a week for the 2 months.

The study will commence during the second week/third in December and finish in February.

We will measure swing speed and ball speed with driver and 6 iron at the start of the study, after 4 weeks and at the end of the study. The push-ups should take less than 5 minutes and can be done at home. If you can’t do a full push up yet, a modified push up will be prescribed.

If you’d would like to work on gaining extra yards and if you can spare 5 minutes 3 days a week? You would be most welcome to join this study. This study is open to all handicaps levels, both males and females also. Please join by sending an email contacting Pádraig Dooley as soon as possible at padraig@drivegolfperformance.com.

If you’ve any questions drop us an email too. For anyone taking part in the study, we will be offering free Mizuno balls.

John Dooley

Email: john@johndooleypga.ie 

Cork Christmas Golf Lessons

Christmas Golf Lessons Cork | Play better Golf with John Dooley PGA | www.johndooleypga.ie

Christmas Golf Lessons in Cork

Christmas Golf Lessons Cork and Play better Golf with John Dooley PGA.

Contact John today to purchase golf lesson vouchers for your loved one for Christmas.

I offer; one to one golf lessons at €50.00 per 30 minutes golf session


3 x 30-minute golf lessons for the price of 3 at €100.00

I can post the voucher to you asap and I can take payment over the phone or I can send a payment link to your smartphone.

Please call or text at 0879277997 or email to john@johndooleypga.ie or contact us by clicking here to complete this process.

Enjoy playing golf in Cork for 2017 and happy Christmas from John Dooley PGA

Overcoming Nerves


Overcoming Nerves

Rather than fighting nerves (sometimes the nerves can return with overpowering emotions resulting in poor performance) overcoming nerves are not easy to do.

One strategy suggested by Robin Sieger is to accept the nerves and not focus on them, remove that any value from them and let the nerves flow over us, in a detached manner, observing them but not enduring them. This method can be applied when adapted into your pre-shot routine.

During your pre-shot routine or when you are playing a shot of importance.

The goal is to remain calm, positive and confident. These emotions can be practiced as part of your pre-shot. Let’s take the stage on the practice ground, in your mind recreate a shot when you felt most nervous and the outcome was poor.

If you do not have a pre-shot routine, for the most part, I would suggest to creating one. Consequently, if you cannot feel calm, positive and or confident as you are working on your pre-shot routine. In this case, practice acting and feeling those emotions from your previous life experiences. Then, you can start practicing feeling calm, positive and confident for your pre-shot routine.

During the actual on-course golf shot just simply go through your pre-shot routine. With this in mind, set up to play the shot, be aware of the nervous feelings, remember how you practiced controlling those emotional.

If you are struggling with finding or creating your own personal pre-shot routine? Notably feel free to call or text on 0879277997 and or email john@johndooleypga.ie  to discuss what I can work with on.

Referencing from *Golf’s Moment of Truth

Sequencing A Golf Swing

Sequencing a Golf Swing…

Golf swing

A miss hit can be the result of a quicker than normal golf swing or a golfer’s swing is out of sequence (one part moving too fast or too slow for the other parts to coordinate). This action can also be described by golfers by saying, that “you are swinging too fast”, “your backswing is faster than your downswing” “you need to control your swing speed” “your backswing to downswing is too quick” and etc.

I have from time to time talked about rhythm and golf club timing by simplifying the term or movement by saying “you need to pause at the top of your golf swing”. This comment can come and I note with its own set of problems. My point here is that words and different types of golf swing descriptions affect each golfer’s internal body movements differently.  In other words tomayto – toomato this is same fruit just said and spelt differently.

During the golfer’s backswing, there is a point when the club will stop moving in one direction and start in another direction. That does not mean that the body has stopped moving too. In fact, you may notice with really good players that their body is moving ever so slightly (starting the downswing) before the club reaches that point at the top of the backswing.

There is evidence to support that at the top of the backswing if you stop moving all the parts of the swing altogether. You can be reducing your body speed and the tension that produces distance. However, this type of swing and pause drill may be necessary for some golfers to practise. This type of swing feeling might work for you to feel your type of swing sequence.

The following note is a golf swing drill that can improve a golfer’s golf swing movement from the top of the backswing to starting his/hers downswing.

The Drill

So if you imagine standing on a sheet of ice. Without using a ball, set up as normal with a 6 iron. Now make a slow back swing, and as you become aware that your upper body is getting close to the top of the backswing or at the end of your turn away from the ball. Now feel that your movement is slowing down, and at the same time push with your right (back foot) foot as though you’re trying to spin it away from the target. It’s not likely that your foot will move with spikes on, but, the pressure that you are creating may start your hips to translate and turn in the opposite direction or toward the target. Or another way to say this is, as you reach the top of the backswing, start turning your hips to the target.

This is a bit of a mouth full, but, it’s a pretty good activity whilst watching your swing from a mirror.

What effectively is happening, is that the lower half of the body is now moving before the upper half of the body has reached the top of the backswing. This can encourage the arms, hands, and club to slot into a good striking position. But, this type of drill will take some time to master.

You could start by making this type of movement slowly, then try to quicken up the speed of this drill. I tend to coach this type of drill as an add-on to the practice session that would help improve timing. This type of drill can become over complicated quickly. So please keep the thoughts simple and too the point.

If this works for you great, if this tip is too confusing, please feel free to contact me to discuss.

John@johndooleypga.ie or 0879277997


Golf Vacations to Ireland, Scotland and Portugal

Concierge Golf Ireland

Old Head Golf Links

Golf Coaching in Ireland with John Dooley PGA and Concierge Golf Ireland

Concierge Golf Ireland is operated by John Dooley PGA. Concierge Golf is a golf tour company that offers to arrange and manage custom build golf vacations to Ireland, Scotland, England and Portugal.

A golf vacation can be enjoyed playing golf in Portugal with your family or locally in Ireland with the lads or lassies. I would like to suggest that you could arrange your very own golf coaching golf vacation to a special golfing destination with concierge golf Ireland.

We can arrange your tee times and the type of accommodation you require. Part of our service is to ensure that a luxury driven chauffeured car service is supplied. We can book the various restaurants for you to enjoy and we can arrange the necessary tourist sights to see!

Customers may contact Concierge Golf Ireland and request the platinum golf booking services. This service option will book your golf coaching vacation to your selected destination. Then Concierge Golf will arrange an itinerary suited to your needs and requirements. This in not an economical service and this service extends to golfers that would like to travel in style. Enjoying a 5* plus experiences, great hotels, enjoying great restaurants and work on your game golf game daily with a Concierge Golf PGA Golf Pro.

There is a premium demand for a service that includes booking all the aspects of the vacation. Then chauffeuring from each hotel to the golf course and back again. Plus enjoying time spent playing golf with the PGA Pro and thus working on your golf game. As a result, you can play golf to a higher standard and understand more about how the game of golf.



Golf Clubs and Golf Lesson Deal for Beginners

Golf Clubs Deal with Golf Lessons for Beginners

We have a starter pack deal for clubs and golf lessons for people that would like to take up playing golf. Learning to play golf can be challenging at times and it is important to get off on the right foot. A series of golf lessons with the right set of clubs to suit your new golf swing are a must. The deal we offer is for 9 irons, from 3 iron to Sandwedge, a putter and four woods ( from a seven wood, a five wood, a three wood and a driver). This is an ideal set of golf clubs for guys and or girls starting to play golf. We offer the golf clubs in both left-hand and right-handed sets.  I would suggest that this is a deal worth investigating without paying out a large outlay.
Golf Clubs and golf lesson deal

Golf Clubs & Golf Lesson deal

The price for the clubs and the golf lessons is €360.00

To arrange to buy or to look at the clubs before purchasing, please contact; John Dooley at John Dooley PGA at 0879277997.

John Dooley at John Dooley PGA at 0879277997.



A Quick Putting Tip

Putting Tip

A quick putting tip to workout if you are hitting putts off the heel of the putter. You may be trying to make too straight a putter backswing. Thus causing a hooded putter face which can send the putter off track when putting the ball.

The following is a tip for you to work on your putter swing path:

Practise; making the putter swing slightly inside during your backswing so you can hit the ball along the line of the putt towards your target. The point here is to keep the putting function simple but spend a lot of time practising the art of putting.

The following is a tip for your grip:

If you are looking for a guide to help you with hitting the ball along the line of your putt. (For right-handed golfer) Place your index finger from your right hand along the right side of the putter grip. This finger position is aimed at giving you a sense of hitting/putting the ball to your target or along the line of the putt.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact. Click Here.

John Dooley PGA


Putting tip with John Dooley PGA

Golf lessons Cork

Cork Coaching Golf

Golf Coaching Cork

Golf Coaching Cork

My approach to Coaching Golf

I typically start each of my golf lessons by observing the golfer’s ball flight. I ask a series of questions to identify his or her’s golf skill levels and the amount of golf that they are playing. The golfer would typically start warming up their swing by hitting a series of wedge shots. Then onto their 7 iron, 5 irons and woods until I am satisfied that I have identified the golfer’s swing faults. Or in other words, I am watching the golfer hitting golf balls so I can identify clearly what are the parts of their golf swing and or body movements that are affecting the club face at the point of impact. It is important for golfers and to talk as much as possible so I can gain a greater understanding of their approach and thoughts towards playing golf.


Ball flight:

I like to keep the ball flight information simple without talking about how all the ball flight factors that can affect your ball flight direction. So let’s keep the ball flight or explaining how to hit a straight shot down to two factors;

  1. The direction that the golfer’s swing the club (swing-path)
  2. Where the club face is pointing when the club face hits the ball. Ideally, we would like to have our swing path and club face pointing towards our intended target when striking the ball.

Depending on the club number and loft of the club; should you position the ball left of centre and gradually move the ball further left as you hit balls with the same club. You may notice that you are hitting the ball higher and the opposite happens should you move the ball position right of centre. What is important here is that each golfer should identify their suited ball position for each golf club to maximise their potentially best ball fight with any one of their clubs.


Body movement:

To practice how the body turns during your golf swing. I recommend practising three types of exercises. (Right-hand golfers) (Practice the opposite for left handed golfers)

  1. Hip turn exercise. ¼ turn to your right and fully turn onto your left side (to avoid your right leg straightening, remember to keep your right knee flexed as you make the ¼ turn to the right
  2. Full body turning exercise. Place a club across your shoulders then turn your shoulders approx. 90 degrees to the right “your back is facing the target” and follow by turning your body to the left (another 180 degrees) until your chest & hips are facing the target with your right toe pointed into the ground
  3. Practise swing drill.
    1. This practice swing drill is that you can make a ¾ length back swing or for right handed golfers; swing your left arm back to an 11 o’clock position.
    2. Hold at the top of your backswing for 3 seconds, then turn your hips first and swing the club just slightly after you move your hips. Both swing parts move into the follow-through position where your hips are fully turned with your right toe pointed into the group. Then the club is behind your neck and your weight is balanced on your left foot.

Swing path:

I like working with a straight back and straight through swing path. I like the half swing drill to help work on creating a better take away and improving the club head swing throught the shot. Using a couple of poles or tees as props can help you with working on your swing path.

Cork Golf Lessons

Swing path

Practising golf:

Schedule your practise golf times and add a structure to how you practice. I like the approach of plenty of skill based exercises to promote good body movement habits rather than hitting ball after balls. Try practising with a basket of range balls.

Make 5 x hips turns exercises, 5 x shoulder turns exercises & 5 x practice swings.

  • Start your pre-shot routine
  • Make two or three really good practice swings and feel what your good ‘swing movement’ is.
  • Build your set up again
  • Imagine and picture the images of that particular good swing hitting the ball to the target
  • Set up again then and hit the shot
  • Repeat the same method as above taking that routine to the golf courses.

Most of all keep working on your game. Identify your poor performing areas of your game by analysing a time period such as monthly rather than after every game. Please avoid putting yourself under too much pressure to perform. You will get better at playing golf, just keep going and keep playing.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Dooley PGA.

Golf Coaching in Cork

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Five big! Golf equipment myths


Playing golf on an Irish sunny morning

Five big! Golf equipment myths

Myth 1 – Club Fitting is only for good players

Most certainly not, anyone and all golfers should be fitted for their golf clubs. Golf can be a hard game and golf is a hard game to learn. To play better golf, ensure you are custom fitted for the right set of golf clubs for you.

The biggest gains are almost always achieved by higher handicap golfers. It’s very common for higher handicap golfers to gain 19-26 yards from a customised fitted driver, the gains for lower handicap golfers tend to be around 4-11 yards. This is mostly to do with a shaft that is either too stiff or too whippy and the golfer’s set up is promoting a steeper downswing or angle of attack.

Myth 2 – It’s the Indian not the Arrow

A golf club is a golf club, what difference can it make? Well this is the specifically the golfer’s skill levels/ability and technique not the equipment in the golf bag.Part of this statement is correct and any golfer can buy a new or second hand set of clubs and win a golf competition. But if buying the wrong equipment will limit the golfer’s ability to hit good golf shots. Using golf equipment that suits a golfer’s swing may turn a 15 handicapper into a 13 with no extra practice. But to go from a 13 handicap to a 6 handicap requires good golf coaching, a good practice method, a lot of work, good motivation and 100% effort.

Myth 3 – It takes time to get used to new equipment

Immediately if a golfer’s new golf clubs are not out performing their old clubs then the golfer’s new clubs are not better than the old clubs. A driver that suits a golfer’s swing will either carry the ball longer or a straighter ball-flight or both. A new driver should only take a small number of shots to get used to. If the new driver is not producing a longer or more accurate shot right away, I would suggest putting the old driver back in the bag.

Myth 4 – is the newest golf equipment is the best?

Since the early 2000s there is a limit on the COR (coefficient of restitution) or spring like effect on drivers. As most clubs manufactured since the limit was introduced are near this they are very similar in performance.If a golfer uses a driver that suits their golf swing, the golfer will enjoy centred ball strikes, along with optimal launch conditions and it’s very unlikely that a new driver will significantly add more distance & accuracy to their golf tee shot.

Myth 5 – The longer your driver the further you’ll hit it.

A longer length driver is harder to control, thus the golfer will no enjoy more off centred strikes, with less ball speed thus reducing distance. The surprising this is that shorter shafts are easier to control and golf may find more centred golf ball strikes. This leads to both a higher ball speed and straighter golf shots. Most standard driver lengths are 44 inches are suited to most golfers than 47+ inch drivers.
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Show me your best golf swing!

Cork Golf Lessons

Cork Golf Lessons

Show me your best golf swing!

Recently I was working with golfer on his golf swing. After stretching his body and hitting a number of golf shots to warm up his golf swing, he hit two shots straight at the target and then one shot dead left and the next shot dead right. He asked me, “Why do I hit those shots way over there and why did I hit the other shots straight?”

I answered his question by explaining what those swing faults were and what we needed to work on to eliminate those swing faults. After a few more golf shots the conversation moved from focusing on what we are working on, to “what did I do wrong with that last swing?”. Generally golfers over analysing their golf swings and this is a very common issue for most golfers. Then after a moment of inspiration we can come up with a quick fix to remedy that bad swing. This type of a swing fixing is effectively the worst kind!!!!!

However, we talked about changing his practice process and avoid over analysing his good and bad golf swing. We hammered out an agreed plan to practice golf by practising what he feels is his very best golf swing that he can make every time. Please note that some swings can feel better or worse that the previous swing, the point is to keep believing and working on making each golf swing better than that previous golf swing.

He hit 20 balls and I ranked the shots either by yes that was a good swing movement or a good strike versus, no, it was not a good swing movement or ball strike. We also took the approach to make the “his very best practice swing” as a core part to his pre shot routine. His focus changed from being reactive and over analysing his bad golf swings to making the best practice swing he could make. Then setting up to hit a ball with that feel good swing in mind and repeat the same feel good swing hitting the ball.

*Please note that generally each golf swing that we make may have a swing fault or swing faults of some description. But, keep working towards a simple golf swing process and with an overall blueprint for your golf swing that feels easy to complete.

1 hr Golf Practice

1. Full body turn exercises x 5 times
2. Hip turn exercises x 5 times
3. Make 5 x sequence drills (make a 3/4 length backswing, then pause for 3 seconds, start your downswing by turning your hips and swinging fully through to a completed follow-through position) 
4. Make 2 of your best practice swings possible you can possibly make
5. Practice your on-course pre shot routine to hit 5 of your best golf
6. Change club and change target, then repeat from step 1.
Please feel free to contact if you would like to work on improving your practice method for your golf swing? Please contact me at john@johndooleypga.ie 

Enjoy working on your golf swing…