Golf Lessons Cork

Learning how to play golf is challenging. As I am a golf perfectionist I offer top quality golf coaching to each golfer that I work with. I really want each golfer to achieve their goals. This is a process that you can expect to go through during a golf lesson.

Introduction conversation about how you play golf and understanding what are your golf goals? Followed by watching you hit a number of golf shots whilst analysing your ball flight, how your body turns and how often your golf swing repeats a similar movement.

During the golf lesson, direct feedback is very important. Therefore depending on what we are working on (putting, chipping, wedge play, iron shots, tee shots, pre-shot routine, Trackman, mental approach to golf). What I ask of you is to talk to me and let me know that my coaching methods are making sense to you or not? My plan is to keep all coaching messages simple and easy to understand with maximum effect in return. Full interaction though out each series of golf lessons is highly important.

After each golf lesson taken you will receive an emailed audio file. I recommend that you save this file and listen to that information to recap just before your next practice session.

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Golf Lessons Cork