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Read the fine print

Read the Fine Print

Recently I read about an offer for a golf fitness program. Particularly, The offer was €200 and now €99 for a six-week training program. Indeed, this offer was fine, however, from the above picture what stands out clearly is the fine print statement. The initial line states “results not guaranteed!” My opinion from reading between the lines is that this service lacks confidence and a number of questions spring to mind. Consequently, is the company delivering the service is panicking for business? Surprisingly, there may not be a market for his or hers service? Maybe the service is not wide-ranging to deal with all sorts of golfer’s training issues? Why are results not guaranteed? What results should you expect? Can the service meet and exceed my expectations? Why would I or anyone else buy a service where results of some description are not guaranteed?


Ultimately, perhaps the company delivering this service is desperate for business? Maybe there is not a market for the company’s service? Maybe the service is not wide-ranging to deal with golfer’s training issues? Notably, the main question is, why are results not guaranteed? What results should be expected? Moreover, can this service meet and exceed golfer’s expectations? Why, why and why buy a service where results are not guaranteed?

Nonetheless, a coaching service that is confident about the service that is offered, the first line should read in bold “results are guaranteed or your money back”.

Conversely, this statement in bold is the very same for golfers golf coaching needs. Regardless, avoid buying into golf coaching services unless the service is backed expert golf coaches and good communicators.  My promise to golfers that I coach is that you will become a better golfer during and after working with me. Understandably, there are obstacles and challenges that may limit the time golfers can spend practicing and playing golf. Clearly, golfers should set realistic goals that can be measured by recording activities such as scores & etc. Finally, play as much golf as possible!

My promise to each golfer that I coach is that I will make you a better golfer or your money back…


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Golf Swing tips | Shoulder-Turn

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John Dooley PGA | Expert Golf Coach

Important notice on the shoulder-turn technique during the golf-swing


The movement of your shoulders or the upper half of your body is quite important though-out the whole golf swing movement.

Over the last number of months, I have been working with golfers that have focused too much attention on their shoulder-turn during their back-swing.

This was, as they described “a safe swing movement to think about” when they felt that they were swinging the club too quickly, or their ball flight or ball strike was not as good as they would like it to be.

Which, this can be fine in certain cases and some golfers feel that this is a good movement to think about, when they are looking for better swing rhythm. But typically, they might have moved too much and over extended their shoulder movement or simply as I describe this action as too much shoulder-turn or an over-turn. As a result of the over-turn, this has led my golfers to all sorts of miss-hit golf shots and bad swing faults. Such as; over-swinging and starting the down-swing with the upper half of the body were two principle swing faults that I observed.

But this is not the case for everyone.

Please bear in mind that every golfer’s swing is different and each golfer’s swing is unique to each golfer.

So what I am suggesting to do, is not to try to limit your shoulder-turn or start researching how to make a proper shoulder-turn from YouTube or from reading golf books.

Please note; I do not believe that there is one golf swing tip to help or fix a golfers shoulder-turn. We can agree that each golfer’s swing is different in so many ways. My experience would suggest that what works well for one golfer may not work well for the next golfer.

You need to work with a golf swing expert who understands how the body moves though-out the swing and that he/she can communicate to you what you need to do.

I am pointing out to you as you read this note; that if you think you have a shoulder-turn problem with your swing. You may think that you are not turning your shoulders properly. You may feel that your timing is out a lot and you are miss-hitting the ball a lot as a result of your poor shoulder-turn.

So I am suggesting visiting your local PGA Professional for Golf Lessons in Cork and taking a few golf lessons in Cork to work out your golf swing issues.

Should you need further assistance please contact John Dooley PGA

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