When is the Right Time to Buying a set of Golf Clubs?

Right Time to Buying a set of Golf Clubs

Right Time to Buying a set of Golf Clubs

When is the Right Time to Buying a set of Golf Clubs?

Birthday and Christmas presents along with special treats are a good time to pick up a new set of clubs. However, that timing might not fit into your golfing schedule. Consequently, it is difficult to know when the best time to buy new clubs actually is. There are financial implications, but, just as important is the time taken getting used to playing with your new bats. 

Starting out playing Golf

If you are beginning at the game of golf and the major questions are what should you do about clubs and how much will I spend in case I won’t like the game in 6 months? Buying the cheapest set of clubs is fine if the clubs suit your body build. To get the right advice, visit your local pro and not the biggest discount golf shop, as it’s likely the clubs you buy may not be the right fit for you.
You still don’t have to buy a new set of clubs; however, you should get golf lessons along with getting fitted for the right shaft length and the right golf club lie angle. Taking a series of golf lessons will develop a better golf posture and hitting action.

Taking Golf Lessons

During or before a series of full swing lessons is probably the worst time to buy new clubs. Also, depending on how much you practice and the positions within setup or swing that are being adjusted. Such as posture and hand position at impact will affect club lie angle. Other notables such as swing plane & angle of attack & spin rates are some of the factors for shaft selection. Just simply getting used to a new feel or a new golf swing move takes time to get used to.Subsequently, during a series of golf lessons, your golf swing to golf club specifications will change. Moreover, ideally, you would like to be at your best when spending time at a club fitting session. If you aren’t taking lessons and go for a club fitting. The golf Pro may offer some swing advice helping you to hit better shots.
However, changing your clubs before or after a series golf lessons may push you into your new swing method quicker. If you fall back into your old swing habits, your shots may get worse because your clubs may suit you as well as they could. This maybe more to do with the lie angle of the club rather than the shaft. I find that the shaft fitting process nowadays is accurate.

Ranting about playing bad golf and hitting crap shots!

As you know this can happen at some stage every week! When the game is so bad, “it must be the clubs”, missing puts “can’t line up the bloody putter” “ENOUGH!!” of this says you!!! The memories of all the great shots played are long since forgotten… Remember, it’s likely that you have played great golf with those clubs at some stage. However! A new club can get the golf blood flowing positively, given that you are custom fitted, the latest and greatest technology should offer you something your old driver didn’t.

How long to get used to a new set of clubs?

I would say to every person that I meet for golf club fitting or golf lessons, is to enjoy playing golf. Changing clubs during the season can affect your chances whilst competing for the major titles within your golf club. Changing a set of clubs will more than likely change how far you will hit each club. Consider the months that you will be playing lots of golf and if you do change clubs mid-season, are there 4 – 6 weeks where you can work on feeling the best shots you can hit and measure the average distances of each of the clubs?

Golf Club Performance

In the last 10 years, golf club technology means that the life and performance of golf clubs can be a decade rather than years. However, wedges are more frequently used than other clubs and the grooves on your wedges will wear out more quickly than on your irons. This means the spin shorts in will not grip as much as the ball used too. But you might find if you bought your clubs off the rack 10 years ago that the clubs available now will perform better for you!
Without question, Golf grips should also be replaced at least every 8 to 14 months.  Conversely, maintaining feel, grip, and control of the club. Furthermore, aging grooves on your irons can cause flyer lies more often and, so if your clubs are looking a little tired, it could be time to investigate an upgrade.

Final Suggested Advise!

While it’s hard to offer the perfect answer, I would suggest there is a seven-month period best suited to buying new clubs –  from September to March. Notably, the winter months will give you time to get used to them. Also, a winter purchase will accommodate any winter coaching while still offering enough time to be ready for the season’s opener.

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Blog post Information Source “Golf Monthly’s Joel Tadman”

Read the fine print!

Read the fine print | Cork Golf Lessons

Read the fine print

Read the Fine Print

Recently I read about an offer for a golf fitness program. Particularly, The offer was €200 and now €99 for a six-week training program. Indeed, this offer was fine, however, from the above picture what stands out clearly is the fine print statement. The initial line states “results not guaranteed!” My opinion from reading between the lines is that this service lacks confidence and a number of questions spring to mind. Consequently, is the company delivering the service is panicking for business? Surprisingly, there may not be a market for his or hers service? Maybe the service is not wide-ranging to deal with all sorts of golfer’s training issues? Why are results not guaranteed? What results should you expect? Can the service meet and exceed my expectations? Why would I or anyone else buy a service where results of some description are not guaranteed?


Ultimately, perhaps the company delivering this service is desperate for business? Maybe there is not a market for the company’s service? Maybe the service is not wide-ranging to deal with golfer’s training issues? Notably, the main question is, why are results not guaranteed? What results should be expected? Moreover, can this service meet and exceed golfer’s expectations? Why, why and why buy a service where results are not guaranteed?

Nonetheless, a coaching service that is confident about the service that is offered, the first line should read in bold “results are guaranteed or your money back”.

Conversely, this statement in bold is the very same for golfers golf coaching needs. Regardless, avoid buying into golf coaching services unless the service is backed expert golf coaches and good communicators.  My promise to golfers that I coach is that you will become a better golfer during and after working with me. Understandably, there are obstacles and challenges that may limit the time golfers can spend practicing and playing golf. Clearly, golfers should set realistic goals that can be measured by recording activities such as scores & etc. Finally, play as much golf as possible!

My promise to each golfer that I coach is that I will make you a better golfer or your money back…


Email john@johndooleypga.ie | Web: www.johndooleypga.ie


Golf Course Management Lowering Scores

Golf Course Management Lowering Scores

Golf Course Management Lowering Scores

Playing Golf on an Irish Sunny Morning | Golf Course Management Lowering Scores

What you need to do!

Start by committing to lowering golf scores. This is not by stopping practising or starting a major overhaul of a golf swing. We can only play with the swing we have and not the swing we would like to play golf with.

Notably, this is not an easy task. As I find that each golfer is always looking for that one magic swing tip or changing swings movements during a round expecting better performances. Well, that plan mentioned is simply rubbish and won’t work. Your question to you is, how course management will work for my game?

What do you do well?

We all have heard all this stuff before, “play to your strengths and identify your weaknesses”. But we do need to do this! Take time out, sit down and create a template that will collect the information about how you score from your next four competitive rounds. The trending information from that data will help you clearly identify your strengths.

This is a sample template that I use with golfers that I coach to collect and analyse scoring information. You can use Excel or similar to create a similar file for collecting data.

Golf Course: Cork Golf Club
Tee Box  White
Handicap  4
Total Fairways 15
Hole  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Gross scores Nett of total % Difference
Par 4 5 4 4 5 4 3 4 3 36 4 5 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 36 72
Score 4 5 4 4 5 4 3 4 3 36 4 5 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 36 72 4 100% % Handicap strokes to par
Fairways 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 15 100.00% % Fairways missed in regulation play
Greens 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 18 100.00% % Green missed in regulation play
Putts 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 33 100.00% % Putts per round – we shall use 33 as the par number of putt per 18 holes
Up & Down 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Mark 1 for less than 2 shots taken from off the green with 10 yards of the green, including putts taken

Ranking Template

Additionally, identify your strengths ranking from 1 to 5 based on that information.

Ranking  Terrible    50% good   Excellent 
Driving 1 2 3 4 5
Irons 1 2 3 4 5
100-yard shots 1 2 3 4 5
50-yard shots 1 2 3 4 5
Pitching 1 2 3 4 5
Chipping 1 2 3 4 5
Putting 1 2 3 4 5

(you can add more categories depending on specific your analysis is)

Keep a Log Book

Also, it’s recommended keeping a golfing logbook. The log book is simply detailing the golf shots played during a competition round. However, do take the time noting the reasons for the shots played. This information is crucial for developing an on course management plan.

Imagine this scenario; the only way to hit a green in regulation is to play a high draw over and around the trees, then over a water hazard. Also, let’s say there is a lay up area about 100 yards from the green that is an easier shot to play. A golfer should know his/her game well enough to understand that the regulation shot is not likely to come off, but the golfer tries the shot and disaster. Each week the golfer plays the same hole, in the same way, and expects a better result. However, for all the wrong decisions made he/she still ends up with a blank or a double bogey.

Golf is fun and try hitting the hard shots whilst out playing a casual round. But, do avoid playing high-risk shots during a competitive round as this affects scoring. Remember, there is always time to work on the range improving your golf skills. The time to push the limits of your skills is not when you’re on the course and trying to post a score.

What to do with the information collected?

From the data collected, you can identify what you do well and what you don’t. Such as fairways hit, greens in regulation, the number of putts and etc. If you miss a green how often do you get up and down? How many shots are lots from 3 putting and missing short putts? From the log book entries; we are identifying the reasons behind the golf shots that were played well and not so well. Additionally, with your informaiotn at hand, arrange a meeting with the local PGA Pro to discuss how to play the problem shots and problem holes better.

B.Y.O.GC.P (Build your own golf course plan)

From the tee box; if you are comfortable hitting the ball with a cut or a draw then paly that type of shot. Conversely, if your long iron shots are not in any hit with any consistency, then perhaps investigate at getting hybrid clubs to do the task. If your bunker play is terrible, then get help!

From your strengths play the shots that reflect how you well you can play and avoid the shots you can’t play well. Therefore if you really like playing a 100-yard shot and you don’t like hitting 45 or 50 yards shots to the target. Where possible, hit the ball to the 100-yard marker.

Finally, using your golfing strengths and start mapping out how you can play the golf hole starting at the green and plotting back to the tee. There is a lot of work in creating your own Golf Course Management plan to post lower scores. But this is worth it and certainly, why not start the process.

If you would like to start building your own on course golf plan, I would suggest Contact me today CLICK HERE

Golf Course Management Lowering Scores | John Dooley PGA | Golf Lessons Cork

TrackMan Gapping Session

golf lessons cork

Trackman Golf Cork

Trackman Gapping Session

One of the frequent uses of TrackMan is a distance gapping session. This is a trackman gapping session where golfers hit each golf club in their bag and trackman measures that distance. This is vital information for scoring better at golf and making more accurate golf club selection decisions. As golfers, we need to know approximately how far we hit each golf club. Whereas, the process is simply hitting four to five shots per club. Albeit, there are all sorts of information gathered by trackman. However, we would be mainly focusing on distance carried per club. Furthermore, that specific information will be collected and a report will be sent later that evening.

Notably, a trackman gapping session will take approximately 1hr to complete. Also, there will be golf swing coaching as we progress through the gapping session. The cost for this service is €110.00.

Also, for golfers that are buying a new set of golf clubs from John Dooley PGA. Additionally, a trackman distance gapping session is now included with every new set of irons bought. Certainly, if you’d like more information please contact us today.

Tel: +353879277997 | Email: John@johndooleypga.ie | Website: http://johndooleypga.ie

Pace of Play “Get going and Move faster!”

Pace of play | Golf Lessons Cork


Pace-of-place and playing faster golf is one of the big challenges facing the game of golf today. Imagine, the player-assistant or course ranger shouting at you from his fog horn! “Get going and move faster on the course, you are holding up the whole course!”. This situation would be very embarrassing and should be avoided at all costs. However, golfers can avoid the course ranger situation by ensuring that they play the game quickly. Also, by being aware of what to do before and after each shot played.

Player Behaviour & time wasting

A lot of time is spent by new golfers hitting the ball to the green and putting is a quicker than a lower handicap golf. The lower handicap will possibly play less shots to the green. But he or she takes more time on the green to complete the hole. So the solution is to be aware of the players that you are with and make up time where possible. In other words, all you can do is be responsible for your own pace of play. Also, encourage others to play faster within your group. The following examples are simple things golfers can do to keep play moving.

On Course Situations Solutions 
Golfers moving slowly between shots? walk faster, it’s healthier!
leaving the bag in the wrong position around the green? park your golf bag where you will exit the green and walk to the next tee.
Players not ready to play? walk to the ball first and be ready to play when it’s your turn to play
Golfers walking to the other player’s ball and watching the shot played. Each golfer should walk to their ball and be ready to play when it’s their turn to play.

Simple tips to help pace-of-play is important for every golf to understand and apply. Enjoy playing faster golf!

John Dooley PGA | Pace of Play |. Contact by Clicking here

Cork Christmas Golf Lessons

Christmas Golf Lessons Cork | Play better Golf with John Dooley PGA | www.johndooleypga.ie

Christmas Golf Lessons in Cork

Christmas Golf Lessons Cork and Play better Golf with John Dooley PGA.

Contact John today to purchase golf lesson vouchers for your loved one for Christmas.

I offer; one to one golf lessons at €50.00 per 30 minutes golf session


3 x 30-minute golf lessons for the price of 3 at €100.00

I can post the voucher to you asap and I can take payment over the phone or I can send a payment link to your smartphone.

Please call or text at 0879277997 or email to john@johndooleypga.ie or contact us by clicking here to complete this process.

Enjoy playing golf in Cork for 2017 and happy Christmas from John Dooley PGA

Overcoming Nerves


Overcoming Nerves

Rather than fighting nerves (sometimes the nerves can return with overpowering emotions resulting in poor performance) overcoming nerves are not easy to do.

One strategy suggested by Robin Sieger is to accept the nerves and not focus on them, remove that any value from them and let the nerves flow over us, in a detached manner, observing them but not enduring them. This method can be applied when adapted into your pre-shot routine.

During your pre-shot routine or when you are playing a shot of importance.

The goal is to remain calm, positive and confident. These emotions can be practiced as part of your pre-shot. Let’s take the stage on the practice ground, in your mind recreate a shot when you felt most nervous and the outcome was poor.

If you do not have a pre-shot routine, for the most part, I would suggest to creating one. Consequently, if you cannot feel calm, positive and or confident as you are working on your pre-shot routine. In this case, practice acting and feeling those emotions from your previous life experiences. Then, you can start practicing feeling calm, positive and confident for your pre-shot routine.

During the actual on-course golf shot just simply go through your pre-shot routine. With this in mind, set up to play the shot, be aware of the nervous feelings, remember how you practiced controlling those emotional.

If you are struggling with finding or creating your own personal pre-shot routine? Notably feel free to call or text on 0879277997 and or email john@johndooleypga.ie  to discuss what I can work with on.

Referencing from *Golf’s Moment of Truth

Golf Clubs and Golf Lesson Deal for Beginners

Golf Clubs Deal with Golf Lessons for Beginners

We have a starter pack deal for clubs and golf lessons for people that would like to take up playing golf. Learning to play golf can be challenging at times and it is important to get off on the right foot. A series of golf lessons with the right set of clubs to suit your new golf swing are a must. The deal we offer is for 9 irons, from 3 iron to Sandwedge, a putter and four woods ( from a seven wood, a five wood, a three wood and a driver). This is an ideal set of golf clubs for guys and or girls starting to play golf. We offer the golf clubs in both left-hand and right-handed sets.  I would suggest that this is a deal worth investigating without paying out a large outlay.
Golf Clubs and golf lesson deal

Golf Clubs & Golf Lesson deal

The price for the clubs and the golf lessons is €360.00

To arrange to buy or to look at the clubs before purchasing, please contact; John Dooley at John Dooley PGA at 0879277997.

John Dooley at John Dooley PGA at 0879277997.



A Quick Putting Tip

Putting Tip

A quick putting tip to workout if you are hitting putts off the heel of the putter. You may be trying to make too straight a putter backswing. Thus causing a hooded putter face which can send the putter off track when putting the ball.

The following is a tip for you to work on your putter swing path:

Practise; making the putter swing slightly inside during your backswing so you can hit the ball along the line of the putt towards your target. The point here is to keep the putting function simple but spend a lot of time practising the art of putting.

The following is a tip for your grip:

If you are looking for a guide to help you with hitting the ball along the line of your putt. (For right-handed golfer) Place your index finger from your right hand along the right side of the putter grip. This finger position is aimed at giving you a sense of hitting/putting the ball to your target or along the line of the putt.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact. Click Here.

John Dooley PGA


Putting tip with John Dooley PGA

Golf lessons Cork

Should you arrange a Golf Club custom fitting?

What is a Golf Club custom fitting?

A golf club custom fitting is going through an accurate process of trial and error to find the best combination of golf club loft, club lie angle, shaft weight & flex and club swing weight that can be suited to a golfer’s swing to hit more accurate golf shots.

In recent years the technological advances has made the golf club fitting process easier to measure and analysis all types of golf swings. A golf club custom fitting used to be a method for only the top amateurs and golf professionals identifying what is the best golf club they should use to play better golf.

But this is not the case any longer. Golf club custom fittings has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering golfers the ability to measure their golf swings and understand what golf club specifications works best for their swings.

During a golf club custom fitting, you would expect to be measured and tested to collect the following information:

How tall are you, the length of your arms or measuring from your knuckles to the ground, club head speed and your golf swing technique. We use the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer and Swing DNA system along with trackman to clearly identify what shaft and club head will suit your golf swing. Our club fitting session typically lasts about 1 hour. We need to test your current golf clubs performance verse the suggested new golf club to show you the differences in performance. If asked I will gladly offer golf swing advice during the club fitting session.

Checking loft and lie angles

Checking loft and lie angles

Where can you find a location to book a golf club custom fitting?

  1. Visit your local PGA Professional. He or She will have the experience and knowledge to work with you to find your particular golf club specifications to suit you. But depending on their golf club facilities that golf club fitting maybe hitting golf balls into a net and this is called a static club fitting. The disadvantage with a static fitting is that it’s hard to get a feel for the golf club and you wont be able to compare the ball flight against your current clubs. A PGA professional at driving range would be best suited that at a golf club with poor facilities. At the driving range you could well be hitting balls with a launch monitor comparing data between different golf club models and shafts.


  1. Sign up and test golf clubs at demo days by hosted by Titlest, Taylormade, Ping, Callaway & other golf club companies. These golf club demonstration days are typically arrange through PGA Golf Professionals, driving ranges, golf club custom fitters and golf retailers. You can be fitted by excellent club fitters from their total range of shaft flexes, there should be just about every type of golf club to test from that company’s product range. The down side is that this type of fitting may only be scheduled once a year in your area.


  1. This is probably the best option; book into a golf club fitting centre such as the Titleist or a Mizuno Club Fitting Centre. You can arrange a Mizuno Golf Club fitting with us at John Dooley PGA or we can arrange a Titleist fitting for you at the Carton House. There are also Ping & Taylormade fitting centres located in the UK.


  1. Make an appointment with a local professional golf club fitter. Their service is focused solely on finding the best golf club specification and there is no bias on what shaft of what your best fit club is for your swing. You can research this on-line by checking who is the local golf club custom fitting expert. They may well be skilled club fitters using technologies like Trackman or a launch monitor that will highlight the differences how golf clubs performs for your swing.

My Suggestion:

Visit a club fitter that uses a good quality golf balls, uses reliable technology to measure golf club swing speeds & etc, that has an up to date certifications (such as Trackman University Certification, level 1 or level 2), that you are fitted hitting balls off grass and that you can see the ball flying rather than hitting a ball into a net.

Mizuno Golf Club fitting Cork

Mizuno Golf Club custom fittings

Trackman summary test results: 

Recently using trackman we tested the difference between hitting golf balls off a golf range mat that we use verses hitting balls off the grass. From the trackman data collected, we have found that there are major differences between the two scenarios.

Hitting golf balls off a range mat will more than likely launch the ball higher resulting in longer shots than hitting off the grass and the ball spin rates are completely different. I would recommend that golfers should be fitting hitting balls off grass rather than a range mat.

What type of player should arrange a golf club fitting session?

All golfers should be measured and fitted for golf clubs to suit their golf swing. It does not matter if you are a beginner, a scratch, a mid or a high handicapper. You will hit your better shots a lot better with the right clubs for your golf swing.

If you have any questions or if you would like to talk in more detail about golf club fittings? Please do not hesitate to contact me at johnny.dooley@gmail.com or please call at 0879277997


Sources for this article Trackman golf data from Drive Golf and Golf Digest | Golf Club custom fittings | Golf Lessons in Cork