All you need is practice golf

All you need is Practice Golf!

Words of wisdom for today’s practising golfers.

Certainly, that is a comment that I hear golfers say from time to time… “all I need is to practice”

Well, if that is the case, get going and get practising.

  • Sure we need to understand the swing and what to work on.
  • Goal setting: You can set targets based on your scores.
  • Track your on course scoring performance and identify where you drop shots. View those stats from week to week to identify the weak parts of your game. Then get out and practice and work on improving those areas.
  • At all costs!!!!! Don’t get lost in your own head thinking about what to do and why you hit good shots and then some bad shots.  May I suggest, never ever use youtube for information to fix your swing! Youtube will not have any answers for you as the tips and swing fixes may be similar to your swing faults. However, I am 10000% that those swing fixes will not translate from the video to your swing without knowing if you can achieve the same swing adjustments.
  • Be patient and keep going.

All golf swings will get better by making frequent swings and repeating those swing. Keep your swing simple, stay away from too many technical points. Notably, you will make bad swings and equally, you will make good swings.

What will make a difference to your game?

Keep learning about how you play the game. Keep notes about what influences your metal and work on chipping and putting. The best putter does not lose that often. Always look for support to improve each segment of how you play the game.

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One Hour Tune Up

One Hour Tune Up

Cork Golf Lessons | One Hour Tune Up

One Hour Tune Up

Regularly, as a golf coach, I reflect on did I achieve goals and or customer satisfaction after each golf lesson. After, one of my recent golf lesson reviews, I was reflecting on an hour’s golf lesson. The golfer asked me to look and work on four aspects of his game.

His plan was to work on a timing of 15-minute segments and move on to the next. Such as hitting/full swing, pitching, chipping and putting. Notably, his main concerned was how much information that might be too much to take in during that hour. Moreover, the golfer suggested that he will learn a lot more from little bits of information that would complement the amount of golf that he plays.

Notably, I found this approach a really nice way to work on a golfer’s golf game using simple and easy add-ons. We worked on small technical items that were easy for the golfer to apply. Also, please note that there are golf swing elements that “us golfers” need to practice to improve a habit. On occasion, I find it’s critical to point out that changing a golfer’s swing habits may take a golfer more time than anticipated.

In summary, I have identified another type of golf coaching service to offer golfers. The 1hr Tune up. The tune up is spending 15 minutes working on each golf segment previously mentioned (golf swing, pitching, chipping and putting). The goal is to find small golf swing adjustments that are easy to add and that will make a difference to the golfer’s overall game. Then perhaps suggest adding one or two swing’s drills to work on in the future. Fundamentally, after each golf lesson, an audio file that contains a summary of all the skills worked on will be emailed to that golfer. I certainly find that golfers agree that the audio recordings are of significant benefit to them. Certainly, listening to the audio is an easy way to remind of all the skills worked on.

The One Hour Tune Up service will cost €100.00 per golfer per hour.

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Curing Shanks!

There is nothing worse that a shank or a hosel rocket! Playing a shank is possibly one of the most destructive shots in golf. Curing shanks is never easy in golf, but what you can do is start working on a new habit. The following two golf swing tips can certainly help golfers cure their shanks.

Chip shot drill:

Place two balls down and set up as normal. Our intention is to hit the outer ball and also hit the inner ball.

This drill will train you to swing the club closer to your body during the downswing. Should the club move too far away from your body that’s likely to become a shank or a hosel rocket! Also, place a pole pointing parallel the target and use that pole as a reference for swing direction. Notably, the pole can help you feel your club swinging along a straighter swing path that is straighter back and straighter through. Play Better Golf with

Curing Shanks with John Dooley PGA

Curing Shanks

For full golf shots:

Place a golf driver headcover or similar very close to the toe of the golf club head at address. The method is; simply do not hit the head cover when you’re hitting the golf ball. Also, this is a drill for a more accurate swing path to the ball.

What I recommend to golfers that hit the headcover as they hit the ball is as follows: Setup, where the toe of the clubhead is close to the head cover. Make really good practice swings without hitting the headcover. Then apply the same type of swing just practised to hitting the ball. Keep on repeating this action until you crack that habit.

Cork Golf Lessons with John Dooley PGA | Curing Shanks |

Curing Shanks

Should you suffer from this affliction? Please do not delay and contact me today and let’s get working on fixing that problem.

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TrackMan Gapping Session

golf lessons cork

Trackman Golf Cork

Trackman Gapping Session

One of the frequent uses of TrackMan is a distance gapping session. This is a trackman gapping session where golfers hit each golf club in their bag and trackman measures that distance. This is vital information for scoring better at golf and making more accurate golf club selection decisions. As golfers, we need to know approximately how far we hit each golf club. Whereas, the process is simply hitting four to five shots per club. Albeit, there are all sorts of information gathered by trackman. However, we would be mainly focusing on distance carried per club. Furthermore, that specific information will be collected and a report will be sent later that evening.

Notably, a trackman gapping session will take approximately 1hr to complete. Also, there will be golf swing coaching as we progress through the gapping session. The cost for this service is €110.00.

Also, for golfers that are buying a new set of golf clubs from John Dooley PGA. Additionally, a trackman distance gapping session is now included with every new set of irons bought. Certainly, if you’d like more information please contact us today.

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Sequencing A Golf Swing

Sequencing a Golf Swing…

Golf swing

A miss hit can be the result of a quicker than normal golf swing or a golfer’s swing is out of sequence (one part moving too fast or too slow for the other parts to coordinate). This action can also be described by golfers by saying, that “you are swinging too fast”, “your backswing is faster than your downswing” “you need to control your swing speed” “your backswing to downswing is too quick” and etc.

I have from time to time talked about rhythm and golf club timing by simplifying the term or movement by saying “you need to pause at the top of your golf swing”. This comment can come and I note with its own set of problems. My point here is that words and different types of golf swing descriptions affect each golfer’s internal body movements differently.  In other words tomayto – toomato this is same fruit just said and spelt differently.

During the golfer’s backswing, there is a point when the club will stop moving in one direction and start in another direction. That does not mean that the body has stopped moving too. In fact, you may notice with really good players that their body is moving ever so slightly (starting the downswing) before the club reaches that point at the top of the backswing.

There is evidence to support that at the top of the backswing if you stop moving all the parts of the swing altogether. You can be reducing your body speed and the tension that produces distance. However, this type of swing and pause drill may be necessary for some golfers to practise. This type of swing feeling might work for you to feel your type of swing sequence.

The following note is a golf swing drill that can improve a golfer’s golf swing movement from the top of the backswing to starting his/hers downswing.

The Drill

So if you imagine standing on a sheet of ice. Without using a ball, set up as normal with a 6 iron. Now make a slow back swing, and as you become aware that your upper body is getting close to the top of the backswing or at the end of your turn away from the ball. Now feel that your movement is slowing down, and at the same time push with your right (back foot) foot as though you’re trying to spin it away from the target. It’s not likely that your foot will move with spikes on, but, the pressure that you are creating may start your hips to translate and turn in the opposite direction or toward the target. Or another way to say this is, as you reach the top of the backswing, start turning your hips to the target.

This is a bit of a mouth full, but, it’s a pretty good activity whilst watching your swing from a mirror.

What effectively is happening, is that the lower half of the body is now moving before the upper half of the body has reached the top of the backswing. This can encourage the arms, hands, and club to slot into a good striking position. But, this type of drill will take some time to master.

You could start by making this type of movement slowly, then try to quicken up the speed of this drill. I tend to coach this type of drill as an add-on to the practice session that would help improve timing. This type of drill can become over complicated quickly. So please keep the thoughts simple and too the point.

If this works for you great, if this tip is too confusing, please feel free to contact me to discuss. or 0879277997


Left and right hand chipping drills

Chipping can sometimes be as confusing as playing golf on ice! Recently I have worked with a few people on their chipping technique. In these cases one of the two hands were too dominant during their chipping action. We use the following drills to add balance/feel/touch to their chipping technique.

Main action to develop: Lead with the left arm though the shot and then release the club correctly through the shot.

During the chipping action sometimes the bottom hand on the golf club can cause an early release or we might better describe this action as flicking or too much right hand. This action may also feel that there is a scooping or lifting action at impact.

The set-up in summary:

You can play around with your ball position, front middle and back of you stance. What you will notice is the difference in flight and the first bounce of the ball.

Balance your body weight 50/50 from your toes to your heals and place approximately 55% of your weight on your left side (for right handed golfers). Place the club shaft forward so your left arm (right handed golfers) and shaft make a continuous line. The objective is to swing the club and try to maintain this line through the impact and then release the club…

Golf lessons in Cork

The drills: Left and right hand pitching drills or also known as the top and bottom hand drills.

The top and bottom hand drills are a great way to feel how your arms and hands should feel through the impact/follow-through positions during your chipping action. The drills may feel a bit strange at first, but after a number of practice shots you will get used to it. One key is to stay relaxed and keep the swinging tempo nice, easy and gently accelerating though the shot.

Top hand on the club drill (left hand for right handed golfers and visa versa for left handed golfers)

  • The key feelings to notice here are a relaxed arm swing, allowing the weight of the club to continue swinging through the grass.
    • Swinging the club to the ball without an early release or flicking action
    • Allow or help your body/chest/hips to rotate more through the swing.
    • This sounds a lot more complicated that it is.
  • To feel this action, practice the pitching swing in a mirror and watch how your body & club moves through the shot.
  • The best club to practice with is your favourite club you use for chipping.
  • One terrible way to practice is hitting ball after ball in the same place. I strongly recommend changing your intended target after every couple of shots.
  • Place 5 balls in a line starting from 3 yards, 6, 9, 12, up to 15 yards from the chipping green.
  • The goal here is to chip the balls close or hole-out with a solid/centred strike.
  • Hold the club with your left hand and place your right hand behind your back. Make a couple of practice swings letting the club swing though the grass each time. (for right hand golfers)
  • Place and aim the club behind the first ball and again just repeat the same swinging action
  • Feel the club head swinging though the grass and striking the ball in one motion
  • Move to the next ball, change the angle off the club face, you can choose to make the club face move or less lofted and again repeat the process. You may have to make longer swings depending on the distance and loft created on the club face
    • Continue this approach for all 5 shots. Repeat the drill with different the opposite hand with different balls positions as I have mentioned in the set up to improve feel/touch/distance control.
  • Another goal is to feel relaxed and let the club swing through.

Golf lessons in Cork

Bottom hand drill (Right hand for right handed golfers and visa versa for left handed golfers)

Just really repeat the above steps and you may need to turn your chest and hips more through the shot to ensure better contact.

If you need a golf lesson in Cork please contact John Dooley at 0879277997 to arrange your next golf chipping lesson. Golf lessons in Cork with John Dooley PGA. Left and right hand chipping drills.

Practice your 80 yard pitch shots

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Its January 2015 and more sunshine please to practice your 80 yard pitch shots

Lets decide to play the game differently…

In lieu of Mr Bomber (you) hitting the ball as close to the green as possible and or trying to play mad golf shots with a less than 50% chance of success. If you find yourself with any one of the following swing (or similar) issues during a round of golf, perhaps reconsider the shot you’re about to play?????

* The/your swing is not preforming as well as it could or you have hot too many poor shots prior to playing the “now” big shot!
* The ball is lying poorly and it maybe difficult to hot the ball cleanly or you are not 100% confident about how the ball is lying. 
* There are a number of traps and or hazards around the green which maybe a horrible situation should you missed the green.
* The wind is stronger than normal and that will push the ball further left or right if you don’t hit the ball perfectly.

* Ask yourself are you a 100% confident that you can play the shot really well?  

There are many other situations and my point is; if you are not 100% sure of making the shot, then don’t play it…

So what to do?

You can!

Lay up to 80 – 100 yards shot of the green and hit the ball close to the hole.

Sounds simple and it can be a easy solution to saving you a few shots.

All you need to do is find your preferred distance with your favourite wedge and practice hitting balls to suit that distance a lot. Practice, practice and practice with more practice.

Keep going….

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Golf Swing tips | Shoulder-Turn

Cork Golf Lessons

John Dooley PGA | Expert Golf Coach

Important notice on the shoulder-turn technique during the golf-swing


The movement of your shoulders or the upper half of your body is quite important though-out the whole golf swing movement.

Over the last number of months, I have been working with golfers that have focused too much attention on their shoulder-turn during their back-swing.

This was, as they described “a safe swing movement to think about” when they felt that they were swinging the club too quickly, or their ball flight or ball strike was not as good as they would like it to be.

Which, this can be fine in certain cases and some golfers feel that this is a good movement to think about, when they are looking for better swing rhythm. But typically, they might have moved too much and over extended their shoulder movement or simply as I describe this action as too much shoulder-turn or an over-turn. As a result of the over-turn, this has led my golfers to all sorts of miss-hit golf shots and bad swing faults. Such as; over-swinging and starting the down-swing with the upper half of the body were two principle swing faults that I observed.

But this is not the case for everyone.

Please bear in mind that every golfer’s swing is different and each golfer’s swing is unique to each golfer.

So what I am suggesting to do, is not to try to limit your shoulder-turn or start researching how to make a proper shoulder-turn from YouTube or from reading golf books.

Please note; I do not believe that there is one golf swing tip to help or fix a golfers shoulder-turn. We can agree that each golfer’s swing is different in so many ways. My experience would suggest that what works well for one golfer may not work well for the next golfer.

You need to work with a golf swing expert who understands how the body moves though-out the swing and that he/she can communicate to you what you need to do.

I am pointing out to you as you read this note; that if you think you have a shoulder-turn problem with your swing. You may think that you are not turning your shoulders properly. You may feel that your timing is out a lot and you are miss-hitting the ball a lot as a result of your poor shoulder-turn.

So I am suggesting visiting your local PGA Professional for Golf Lessons in Cork and taking a few golf lessons in Cork to work out your golf swing issues.

Should you need further assistance please contact John Dooley PGA

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Golf Lessons Cork

Golf Lessons Cork

Practice method | swing tips

I was working with a gent today on simplifying his swing-thoughts during his swing/shot.

He was in a situation where there was too many thoughts going though his mind as he was hitting the golf ball. As a result of too many thoughts; he ended up trying to swing the club differently on every swing.

So we worked on making ONE feel good practice swing. This practice swing was as good as he could possible make, as if the ball was in-front of him to be struck.

Straight away without too much thought, he set up retained that swing feeling in his mind and made a similar swing when hitting the ball.

After a bit of work, this proved to work particularly well and he started to feel more confident about his swing and then started to hit a lot more solid shots. This action is now part of his pre-shot routine.

A. The point is; you need to believe that your swing is good and not bad
B. Make plenty of feel good practice swings
C. Retain that feeling and make that same feel good swing for that next shot

Keep the game simple and it works…

John Dooley PGA…
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News | Titlest Vokey wedge demo day


Titleist vokey wedge demo day | at John Dooley PGA

Join us on Tuesday the 17th of June at the practice range in Riverstown to test out the new latest range of Titlest Vokey wedges. 

Time from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm, please contact us to book your time to visit and try out the range of Vokey wedges.

Vokey wedge demo day