A recent testimonial

A Golfers Recent Testimonial

Good Afternoon John,

I felt out of courtesy to yourself John that I ought to send a formal & very sincere thank you to you for sticking with me and persevering with me yesterday and to give you some feedback.

What I valued and was most impressed with was the fact that you battled to find a solution that was specific to me. Also, I found the session tough which I think is a very positive thing as I had to tackle head on the problems that you clearly identified.

And I was struggling to get there but obviously no pain no gain as they say.

Importantly I have attained my objectives of finding out what the issues were. (as I knew instinctively there was more than one issue going on which I simply could not and never would have been able to identify never mind actually fix by myself). Also, getting to the solutions and defining clearly what practice routines I need.

I have had lots of formal & “informal” instruction John (the usual YouTube, DVD’s, unsolicited on course advice..etc..etc) but I can say positively that this is the first time in my 8th season of regular golf  that I actually have any understanding of what was going on and what needs to happen.

I will see you in again next week, please God.

Thank you & Kind Regards,

John Cousins

C/O TECA Shipping Services Ltd, Cork

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