The Golfers Pre-Shot routine

The Pre-Shot routine

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The Golfers Pre Shot routine

The Pre Shot routine is a process to repeat every time you address the ball to play a golf shot. The method can be anything as long as the routine makes logical sense to you and has a number of key components. The key elements identify the right distance to match the right shot to play at that time. Followed by a set of actions that are the same every time.

Such as this example:

  • Take all weather factors that will affect the ball flight and distance into one bucket and accurately identify the distance or direction to play. Additionally, pick the shot you can play to match that distance and select the club to play the shot.
  • Use your mind to imagine the ball flying to the target. So you can see the shot and feel (be confident) the shot you are about to play.

Now feel and make the best possible practice swing you can make and make two practice swings if needed.

  • Aim the golf club head to the target (ball to the target line).
  • Set your body up to align your body parallel to the ball to target line.
  • Make your posture and take your stance (balance your weight) – this happens almost at the same time.
  • Take a look at the target. Look at the ball, see the ball flying to that target.
  • Remember what your good practice swing felt like? Make the swing and hit the ball to the target.

Notably, for better results, please keep repeating and practising to refine a pre-shot routine. Golfers should frequently practice their pre-show routine at the practice ground to become comfortable with their method. Without a dought, golfers should add variations to this example.

Final Note:

The key points are to be positive for better results, regardless of the outcome of the shot just played. Keep going and keep playing. The following is a link to a blog about creating golfing goals. CLICK HERE to read more.

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