Pitch Shots Practicing

The 75-Yard Pitch Shots

Pitch shot 80 yards
Pitch shot 75 yards, setup

Pitch Shots

Let’s look at playing the game differently from a different perspective, instead (you) hitting the ball as close to the green as possible leaving a tricky 30 to 50-yard pitch shot. Or, avoid trying to play insane golf shots with a less than 10% chance of success. Consider the strategy to lay up and play from the lay-up position. Yes, the lay-up shot makes 100% perfect sense, but it is rarely played. More often golfers will play the high-risk shot than play the easier less risky shot. If you think about the following golfing scenarios, and you can probably find yourself in each the situations.

On-Course Golfing Scenarios

  • On the day of play, your swing is not performing as well as it could, or you have hot too many poor shots before playing the big shot!
  • The ball is lying poorly, and it may be challenging to hit the ball cleanly. Or you are not 70% confident of success as you look at how the ball is lying.
  • Trying to hit a 3-wood from a bad lie!
  • Also trying to hit a typical low iron shot from a bad lie.
  • Imagine when there are several traps, water and or hazards around the green. Missing the green will result in a score wrecker.
  • The wind is more potent than usual, and if you don’t hit the ball correctly, the wind will push the ball into out of bounds.

Notably, there are many other on-course situations that affect our shot playing decision. However, the main point is; if you are not 80-100% sure of making the shot, then don’t play it. So what to do? Start your mindset to play sensible, and it is very reasonable to lay-up to 75 – 100 yards short of the green to play from that position.


Yes, start working on playing better pitch shots and develop a shot saver. Also, keep putting the effort and time into practising that shot saver. Mainly, identify your preferred distance with your favourite wedge and that distance can range from 75 to 100 yards to the green. Then practice that shot to suit your preferred length and let us say that your preferred distance is 75 yards.

  • Then, practice, practice and practice with more practice.
  • Practice the technique of playing a pitch shot, also practice distance control for your pitch shots.
  • Also, players can measure that shot data by recording the strokes played during a competition round from the pitching area for the coming months.

Finally, enjoy golfing when we all get back playing.

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