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Myth 1 – Club Fitting is only for good players

Indeed, there are a lot of Golf equipment myths. The first one that comes to mind is that anyone and all golfers should be fitted for their golf clubs. Golf can be a hard game and golf is a hard game to learn. To play better golf, ensure you are custom fitted for the right set of golf clubs for you.

The biggest gains are almost always achieved by higher handicap golfers. It’s very common for higher handicap golfers to gain 19-26 yards from a customised fitted driver, the gains for lower handicap golfers tend to be around 4-11 yards. This is mostly to do with a shaft that is either too stiff or too whippy and the golfer’s set up is promoting a steeper downswing or angle of attack.

Myth 2 – It’s the Indian and not the Arrow

A golf club is a golf club, what difference can it make? Well, this is specifically the golfer’s skill levels/ability and technique not the equipment in the golf bag. Part of this statement is correct and any golfer can buy a new or second-hand set of clubs and win a golf competition. But if buying the wrong equipment will limit the golfer’s ability to hit good golf shots. Using golf equipment that suits a golfer’s swing may turn a 15 handicapper into a 13 with no extra practice. But to go from a 13 handicap to a 6 handicap requires good golf coaching, a good practice method, a lot of work, good motivation and 100% effort.

Myth 3 – It takes time to get used to new equipment

Immediately if a golfer’s new golf clubs are not outperforming their old clubs then the golfer’s new clubs are not better than the old clubs. A driver that suits a golfer’s swing will either carry the ball longer or a straighter ball-flight or both. A new driver should only take a small number of shots to get used to. If the new driver is not producing a longer or more accurate shot right away, I would suggest putting the old driver back in the bag.

Myth 4 – is the newest golf equipment is the best?

Since the early 2000s there is a limit on the COR (coefficient of restitution) or spring-like effect on drivers. As most clubs manufactured since the limit was introduced are near this they are very similar in performance.If a golfer uses a driver that suits their golf swing, the golfer will enjoy centred ball strikes, along with optimal launch conditions and it’s very unlikely that a new driver will significantly add more distance & accuracy to their golf tee shot.

Myth 5 – The longer your driver the further you’ll hit it.

A longer length driver is harder to control, thus the golfer will no enjoy more off-centred strikes, with less ball speed thus reducing distance. The surprising this is that shorter shafts are easier to control and golf may find more centred golf ball strikes. This leads to both higher ball speed and straighter golf shots. Most standard driver lengths are 44 inches are suited to most golfers than 47+ inch drivers.

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