Simple Practice Golf Method

A Simple Practice Golf Method

3 x 15/20 minutes practise sessions keeping practising fresh!

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Practising Golf

Practice session 1: Pre-shot routine 15 minutes

  1. Pick the shot to play with the club
  2. Use your “mind’s eye” to see a clear image of the flight of the golf shot you’re about to play
  3. Internally feel and believe that you are in a very happy place
  4. Make that practise swing that includes both the mental feeling and an excellent practice swing
  5. Set up and  hit the shot to the target

Repeat the process

Practice session 1.1: Rotation exercises (practice this session after every 5 golf shots)

  1. Start with; 5 x Hip-turn exercises
  2. Work with; 5 x Full body-turn exercises
  3. Keep going with; 5 x Pause & hold for 3 seconds then turn and swing thought drill
  4. Swing with; 5 x Speed stick swings right & left handed with the 3 weighted sticks
  5. Continue with; 5 x Opposite handed practice swings
  6. Finally, try; 5 x Opposite handed golf shots

Practice session 2: Aiming the club 15 minutes

  1. Identify ball to the target line and use poles or golf shafts as guides.
  2. Identify the leading edge of the club and align the leading edge perpendicular to that ball to target line.
  3. Stand directly behind the ball and find a point/leaf/odd looking grass or etc, a foot or two in front of the ball to target line. Use that mark as you aiming guide.
  4. Make a good practice swing, then set up and aim the club correctly.
  5. Hit the shot and repeat the process.

Practice session 2.1: Opposite Hand Hitting

Certainly, you should practice hitting the ball with an opposite hand club. So if you are right hand, may I suggest finding a left-handed 6 or 7 iron. Furthermore, start practising hitting opposite hand for at least one hour a week. Also, practice the turning exercises for the opposite hand movement and just keep swinging.

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