Coaching Methods and Golf Lesson Structures, 2018.

Golf Coaching Cork | Coaching Methods and Golf Lessons Structure, 2018.
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Significant changes to coaching methods and golf lessons structure.

In recent years, I have coached golfers very successfully from a three-golf-lesson package. Also, I certainly believe that every golfer that I have worked with has improved how they play the game of golf. Indeed, some golfers can grow more dramatically than others. However, there are significant changes to my coaching methods and golf lesson structures for 2018.

One of the main points was that golfers the received from 4 to 6 Golf-Lessons played golf with a better golf technique compared to golfers after 1- 3 lessons. Which of course makes a lot of sense. However, comparing a standard a 30-minute golf lesson to the three lesson package, I found that the once-off golf lesson did not add much to the golfer’s game. Also, I found it hard to gather accurate feedback from the one lesson golfer compared to the golfer on the three lesson package.

Starting, 2018, John Dooley PGA will only be offering golf lesson packages. The structure of the golf lesson packages will consist of specific coaching activities centred around the golfer. Also, the ideal period would be 5 to 8 weeks to complete the 3 x 30-minute lessons depending on the level of swing changes.

Golf Lesson packages:

All golfers alike are very welcome. Also, you can identify yourself as a beginner and be starting to play the game for the first time. Indeed, you might not have played golf in a few years, and you are looking for a golf lesson package to get back into the game. Equally, golfers that are playing golf for some years and they want to work with a PGA Golf Coach to reach their goals. The central theme of each package is working on your swing three different parts of your game.

Without question, I stand behind this statement, “your game will improve or your money back.”

However, each pack of golf lessons are completely adjusted to suit each golfer’s needs and requirements. Golfers can identify the skills needed for the following examples; full swing technique, driving, iron play, speciality shots, pitching, chipping, putting, bunker shots & more.  More options to think about such as an accurate pre-shot routine, the mental game of golf, etc.

Club fitting packages:

Typically, using trackman each club fitting session will take an hour or so to complete. The following data is needed to identify the best-fit golf clubs are as follows:

  • The right shaft flex and weight
  • A suitable club head type
  • The golf club lie angle
  • The grip type and the grip thickness to suit the golfer’s hand size.

Notably, my research suggests that a 30-minute golf lesson within two weeks of the fitting resulted in a very positive impact on their ball striking. Coaching methods golf lessons 2018.

Please click to read more about the available types of sample golf lesson packages. A significant amount of improvement and success from the golf lessons is down to the golfer’s practise schedule. Both the golf coach and the golfer need to work as a team to get the most out of his or her coaching time together. Essentially, building a healthy working relationship and become a better golfer.

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