Testing Taylormade & Callaway Drivers

Testing Taylormade & Callaway Drivers

Introduction to Testing Taylormade & Callaway Drivers:

Out with the old and in with the new! Just recently I decided to investigate my 9-year-old driver that I am using and look for another driver. Since I am at the grand old age of 40 years old, I feel that I am getting shorter! Notably, I used Trackman to measure the differences between hitting my current Taylormade Supertri and the contender, The Callaway Epic Driver.


I warmed up by hitting 50 – 70 shots. Followed by hitting 10 golf shots with each driver from a driving range mat at John Dooley PGA.

Trackman Data from Testing Taylormade & Callaway Drivers:

Club type Shaft type Club speed Ball speed Carry Totals  Launch Ang. Spin rates Attak Ang.
Callaway Epic GBB 9.0 degress UST Mamlya Attas3 68 grams 6X + 106.0 157.8 251.2 273.9 12.0 2514.0 1.6
Taylormade R9 SuperTri 9.5 degrees Fujikura Blur 65 grams X-Stiff – 103.7 154.4 240.4 260.9 12.6 2624.0 2.7
Differences 2.3 3.4 10.8 13.0 -0.6 -110.0 -1.1

****Please note that this data shown is the sum averages of 10 shots hit from each club.

Conclusion & results.

The main big points where, club speed and ball speed, the carry of 10.8 yards! Therefore, may I say that I am now the proud owner of a 9 degree Callaway Epic driver. I liked the weight of the club, how the club feels, the sound after striking a ball and I like the ball flight. Additionally, all of the points mentioned are key components to finding a driver that I will use. Therefore, I like my new Epic driver and its a winner! Finally, the old Supertri Taylormade driver is now fully retired from my golf bag.

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