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How to acquire Mental golf skills?

Initially let’s look at five factors to the mental golf skills and how to acquire such skills. Such as you need to be focused on the task at hand, commit to the shot, don’t daydream or you are shooting millions, accept bad shots and bad outcomes. Finally, golfers need to believe what they are doing is right, but, also change their minds to how they do what they do and a good attitude to change.

  1. FOCUS

No matter what level of golfer, should you be a beginner or an advanced golfer. Golfers need to be able to focus without distractions. There are so many variables for each shot and ensuring you have an excellent pre-shot routine is highly important in giving each shot the best possible outcome. An excellent pre-shout routine consists of identifying all the factors for the shot at hand, a 100% commitment and visualisation to the shot at hand. Followed by the best practice swing you can make at that time, then set up and play the shot. A pre-shot routine is not very good without focus and your focus is one of the most important of the mental skills for golf.


Decide on the shot to play and don’t change your mind. Trust yourself and stay with the shot! You are not committed if you change your mind if the shot causes too much anxiety. Then change the shot and commit. However, should you make a major U-Turn on a shot during a competitive round, note the circumstances around that shot. Then practice the shot in the future. You would be surprised how a similar shot becomes easier to play after practising that similar experience.


Notably, playing good golf is played when the mind is steady. You are not in the present if you are thinking about the next shot or planning upcoming holes. Stay in the present and you can old deal with what you are doing right now and not what is in the future.  When you’re able to stay present and calm, you conserve valuable mental energy for your shot routines.


We all need to accept that things will not work out in the way we expect so should! Mental golf is accepting your mistakes every time without complaining. This mental attribute is the biggest valued metal asset associated with golf. It’s hard to accept, but the skill needs lots of attention.


Changing your mind is not easy without a belief attitude. As golfers, you will need to change how you think you play often and more often than you think! Self-talk is an important method for shaping your attitude. Indeed, practice what you say to be true and believe what you say to be true. Reinforce what you say to be true by acting and feeling the same messages from your body. Notably, an example of such would be to act happy and act sad, using your emotions and body to show how you feel. Now use the same feeling and emotions to act confidently in the shot you are about to play. Noting that a person’s body language will reflect their attitude at most times and that body language reflect what you believe.

Skills can be developed and acquiring the skills to do so is how you practice and what you practice. contact us by Please click on the following link and click here to read on about couples golf lessons.

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