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Golf Club Custom Fittings

It is fair to say that golf clubs are radically improving with faster and more forgiving club faces by the year. The latest drivers are packed with more power and adjustability options, and the technology behind a custom-fitted set is critical to a golfer’s overall ball-striking performance. However, golf clubs build over the last 10 years are still of excellent quality. Mainly what is a critical factor to golfers choosing equipment is that there are so many shaft specifications for golfers to test. Thus based on your body and golf swing ability, now is the time to ensure that you, the golfer is playing with the best set of clubs to suit your game.

The Golf Club Custom Fittings Process

Initially, our consultation between the golfer and JD will allow time to discuss currently what type of clubs the golfer is using and what are his/her future golfing goals. The current golfer’s golf clubs will be assessed during the fitting process by comparing his/her current clubs with the best club available from the club fitting data.

During the club fitting, process-specific data is recorded using a trackman device. Indeed, based on the data captured from trackman, the golfers will be able to identify the most suitable models and shafts to suit their golf swing. Also, the golfer will know almost right away which is the best club to use after narrowing down the cub options based on the club’s performance, looks and feel.

Critical Golf Club Specification:

  • The club’s lie angle, make and model.
  • The Shaft length, shaft type, shaft weight and flex.
  • Finally the grip thickness and grip type.

Golf Club Custom Fittings Benefits

The right Golf Clubs for You!

  • It is difficult to adapt to different golf clubs, so it is essential that clubs are fitted to an individual golfer’s swing.

Technological Benefits

  • To obtain maximum benefit from the latest golf technology golfers must have golf clubs with the correct club loft and lie, shaft length, flex and weight of clubs to perform at their best.


  • The data from a club fitting process will offer information to develop a greater understanding of how the golfer’s swing operates. Also, the golfer may gain insights in how their golf biomechanics operates and this data will select with confidence the best clubs to perform.

The Golfer’s Ability

  • The golfer’s body will change over time and as our body changes it is golfing abilities change over time, so do your club requirements, it is essential to be fitted for each new set that you buy.


  • When golfers are spending a lot of hard-earned money on a set of golf clubs, club fitting ensures that your money is spent on the best golf clubs for your game.