What are the best Christmas Golf Gifts for Ladies?

Christmas Golf Gifts for Ladies

Golf Lesson Gift Vouchers for Ladies

What are the best Christmas golf gifts for Ladies? Essentially, one of the easiest gifts is a Golf Lesson voucher. The golf lessons are conducted by John Dooley PGA Professional and expert golf coach,  to review John’s coaching history please view the about section.

Also, there are three parts that are important for ladies to improve at golf. Firstly, ensure that ladies are playing with the right set of golf clubs that suits their golf swing. Whereas the cheapest golf clubs are not always the most suitable clubs to use. Secondly, improving at golf takes time and practice. It is very important 

Finally, it is critical for both ladies and gents to work on their golf swing with a PGA golf professional. As mostly their goals are to hit golf shots, gain more distance, shoot better scores and lower their handicap.  

Please scroll down to view other types of golf gifts that would be of interest to golfers. 

Christmas Club Fitting voucher with PGA Professional John Dooley

Club Fitting Session for either Irons or Driver
  • Work with Trackman and the latest Ladies Clubs, from Mizuno, Cobra and PXG.
  • The fitting session is fun, informative and 30 minutes in length
  • Ladies will receive a detailed report with all the relevant information from the club fitting

Christmas Golf Lesson vouchers with PGA Professional John Dooley

3 x 30 minutes golf lessons
  • Each golf lesson is focused on a different golf swing segment, hitting Irons, Driving and Distance, Pitching or Putting
  • Each golf lesson is based on the player's non performing golf swing segments
  • The private one to one coaching sessions are 30 minutes in length and based at the private Riverstown House

Christmas Golf Lesson vouchers with Pga Professional John Dooley

3 x 45 minute golf lessons for a Couple
  • 3 x 45 Minute Golf Lessons for Two Golfers
  • Both golfers practicing at the same time
  • Each session is specific to the group, we would work on long game and short game

Golf Swing Trainers and swing aids for Ladies

Golf Putting Mat | Swing Trainer by Eyeline Golf

The Golf Putting Mat an excellent gift for ladies at Christmas. Mainly, the mirror can be used to work with putting set up, aiming the putter head, body alignment and putter stroke direction. Additionally, I would recommend adding an alignment sticks which is an excellent training aid for putting. 

The second part of the swing trainer is training a golf swing to be accurate Eyeline Golf Swing Aid. Where the golfer can practice swinging the club between the sponges, mostly the more swings that are made without hitting the sponges, the more often the swing will be on the right track playing golf. Also, the swing trainer would be better used from a driving range mat than off the turf. The main reason is that the golfer would have to re-aim the swing trainer after every hit off the grass compared to hitting from the same spot from a driving range mat.    

Indeed, the nice part about this training aid is that there is very little set up required. Mainly, just aim the centre line on the mirror to the target and replace the red sponges if they are hit off the mirror. If the sponges are hit often, try slowing down the golf swing so that to make accurate swings without hitting the sponges. 

The JEF World of Golf Single Layer Trunk Locker is easy to pop into the back of the car. Mainly to keep all the important golf items organised and packed together. The bag can store golf shoes, extra balls, tees, sun creams and so on. I like this gift as it is nicely priced from £33.00 and it’s likely that most people do not have this bag or similar in their car. 

The Longridge Hardcase Travel Cover is another wonderful gift for the ladies that like to travel and play golf. The hard case provides extra protection for golf clubs travelling by aircraft. The Product currently costs £123.00. 

My experiences are that I have used softcover travel bags and my golf clubs have been completely wrecked. Therefore I have started using the hard case for my golf clubs and over the last three years, I have had no issues with clubs been broken. But, I found wheeling the case slightly more awkward and be careful not to overpack the case. As the weight of the case, and its contents can be an issue for airlines at the check-in desk.

Every golfer needs a swing trainer to help with a quick swing warm-up before playing. The trainer can be used in many different ways. However, I would recommend making a number of golf swings right-handed and an equal amount on the opposite side. The product currently costs from £40.00 depending on the length. 

Finally, if you have any difficulty and need a few minutes to talk out what is the best golf gifts for the wonderful lady in your life for this Christmas, please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to chat. Also, please check out 6 golf gifts for Christmas 2020 and more about what great gifts to buy gents for Christmas

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