What are the Best Golf Swing Training Aids?

What are the Best Golf Swing Training Aids for Golfers?

The following training aids are highly recommended by John Dooley to help golfers improve their games. The list of golf swing training aids will change from time to time depending on John’s coaching experiences with certain swing aids. Indeed, some swing aids are better than others and other swing aids are of better quality than others. Indeed, the price is part of the decision whether to buy or not, so I have click links to Amazon.co.uk and there is a bigger market to buy golf swing aids there also. However, please take a look at the following aids and how each aid could help lower your scores, hit the ball further and lower your golf handicap.

The Orange Whip


The Orange Whip is voted the number 1 Teaching and Training aid by PGA and LPGA Professionals. Because it’s the best. The training aid can be used by every golfer, ladies, gents, senor and kids. The aid can be swung indoors (once there is enough room to swing without breaking anything) and outdoors, a good tool for warming up before playing and an excellent tool to help golfers feel their golf swing sequence.

I found this tool was exceptional to help golfers finish their swing. In so far as some golfers were stuck on their right side, and not rotating their body as they hit through the shot. Mainly, I would work on the hip turn moment to help release the hips though the shot and to finish in a good follow-through position. The Orange whip help golfers put the feeling of finishing the swing and also help the golfers into a finish position.

The cost of the Orange Whip is approx. €115.00, and the following link will direct you to Amazon to BUY. Certainly, feel free to email John Dooley | john@johndooleypga.ie | if you have any questions at all.

The Eye Line Speed Trap 2019 2.0


The Eye Line speed trap is wider than the original version so that the big-headed driver can swing through. The sponge red rods are soft and if a golfers

A couple of issues with the Eyeline speed trap is that it is better to use off a range matt than off the grass. As you are moving the trap around for almost every shot you hit off the grass, whereas the trap can stay in the same position on a range mat. Also, if you hit the sponge rods, they can fly all over the place. Picking up the rods after each time you make a bad swing is a pain. But that will teach you to make more accurate swings at the ball.

However, there are a number of excellent benefits to practising with the Eye Line aid. Firstly, to train your swing path for hitting more centred golf shots. Secondly, a more accurate point of contact with the ball and helps your eyes focus on the back of the ball. Third, you can use wedges, full irons and drivers swings. Finally, golfers can adjust the speed trap alignment to the target and work on the swing path which is a critical part of ball flight. Yes indeed, the speed trap is a worthwhile training aid.

The price is currently approx. €112.00 (£94.50), however, visit Amazon.co.uk to view and buy the product. Finally, contact John Dooley if you need any help or to answer your questions about the product.