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Jim's Experience

I recently completed 3 golf coaching lessons with John. It made an immediate improvement in my game and I feel more confident now standing over a ball. Johns style of coaching is keeping everything easy and simple. He is a great communicator and has some very good drills.

Jim Sullivan

Sean's Experience

Today I completed 3 golf coaching sessions with John. I’m a beginner golfer and John set me up for the proper form, worked on improving my swing and gave me insight that I would not have been aware of before. Value for money and plenty scope for me to work with to improve my game over the winter period! Very happy!

Sean Walshe

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Tim's Experience

I am a 19 handicapper and struggled with general consistency, of the tee, longer irons and pace of putting. I had 3 lessons with John who has a relaxed manner and made subtle changes throughout the lessons, explaining the reasons and drills to help the changes. I didn’t have any confidence with irons and had a tendency to slice when a shot was required. We changed a lot from grip, stance, weight distribution and take away all of which were changed in a way that I could incorporate into my game without having a huge amount of technical details in my head when playing. The slice has gone, my driver is back out and I have a putting technique I can use. John has a great manner and the lessons were very relaxed. John sends an audio file after each lesson with the items covered and tips which is very useful and the lessons were all round excellent. Thanks John!

Tim Barry 19 Handicap

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

I went to John to get some help with my game as I was struggling with a bad draw and a lot of inconsistency with my general game. I had three 30 x minute golf lessons and from the off, I felt relaxed with his attitude and methods. We chatted about where my game was and what I was expecting from the lessons, followed by him watching me hit a few balls.

Over the course of the three lessons, we went through a few drills which corrected the draw more or less straight away. John highlighted a few more things I could do better to improve my game overall. No more draw and really happy I took these lessons. Highly recommended to anyone who’s looking for some help with their game.

Sean Tobin, 20 handicap, Cobh Golf Club


A Golf Lesson Testimonial

John Dooley is a very relaxed professional instructor, and approaches each lesson differently as he aims to help you rectify the issues that are affecting your golf game!! Before approaching John, I struggled with a consistent ball striking (in particular with my Driver) any time I was out on the course!! However, he helped me with this issue by looking at my irons and not the driver. This was a great help in fact, as since I have been to John for a couple of lessons, I have not only seen a massive improvement in my iron striking but I’ve also been able to get consistency in my drives and more finishes in the top ten in club competitions.

John Walsh, 18 handicap, Skibbereen Golf Club

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

John is a gifted teacher – he is really patient, he listens carefully and cheerfully to your needs and concerns and personalizes the golfing instruction accordingly. The follow-up recordings are a great resource for future review. I would whole-heartedly recommend John – he has made such a positive difference to my driving, iron and short-game approaches to golf!

Steve O Brian, 12 handicap, Muskerry Golf Club

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

Stepping into where you teach golf is like stepping into an outdoor chill out zone and the perfect setting to soak up your golf knowledge. I enjoyed the very good lessons, set up, ball striking & also mental side of the game, good practice routines and the mp3 notes are a great fall back tool…
I’m looking forward to the coming season, lowering my handicap & working with you in the future…

Peter, 19 handicap, East Cork Golf Club

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

After nearly 2 years of drifting between 11 and 10 handicap. John was recommended to me by Paul Coleman who runs the golf shop and a pleasure to deal with at Lee Valley Golf Club. For me, just one lesson, then one practice round and I got cut to single figures for the first time ever. I can’t recommend John highly enough. John offered simple swing explanations and effective advice. I must say I really enjoyed working with John at his location, it’s quite and with fantastic surroundings. I look forward to heading back there in the new year.

Sean Jordan 9 handicap, Lee Valley Golf Club

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

Over the last couple of months I’ve had 6 half hour sessions with John and I cannot praise the man enough. I had lost all confidence in my ability and it was all becoming hard work to play golf. In the 3hrs spent working on my game with John I learned so much and I am thankfully again enjoying my golf. In a very simplistic way John has taught me how to swing a club and I’m not silly enough to think I have it licked but I have a good idea as to why my ball at times doesn’t go exactly where I had planned.
Many thanks

Eddie Murphy 7 handicap, East Cork Golf Club

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

I had three golf lessons with John over a 2 month period. John’s instruction was very clear and he was careful to not overload me with too much information. The audio notes provided after each lesson gave me additional clarity on the primary areas that I needed to focus on between lessons. John’s patient and positive approach made it an enjoyable experience and the subsequent results on the golf course have also been positive.

Victor, Lee Valley Golf Club

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

Hi John,
Thanks for all your help over the last couple of months. The help you have given me on my driving, irons as well as pitching and putting have improved my game enormously. I am now much more confident on the tee, and am getting much more consistency with my drives and very few bad drives. The slice I had is now totally gone, and even my bad drives don’t put me in near as much trouble as they used to. In terms of my irons, I am striking them much better than I used to, and pretty straight too.
Your lessons are simple and uncomplicated with excellent drills to work on too.
I recently shot 85, whereas before our lessons I would be lucky to break 100. With continued practise I feel that breaking 80 is a reasonable goal for me now, something that was unthinkable for me a couple of months ago.
Thanks for everything,


A Golf Lesson Testimonial

Hi John,
Thank you so much for your email and audio file (brilliant!!!) and a sincere thanks also for your coaching last night. In addition to you imparting your instruction and wisdom with knowledge and skill, you succeeded in simplifying the process, while also making the learning practical and fun.
Many thanks and I look forward to next week.
Kind regards

Dennis – just starting to play golf again 18 handicap

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

Hi John, I received your audio lesson loud and clear. I would just like to say that I enjoyed the lessons very much and I hope to be able to put them into practice on a regular basis. Yes I will continue to wreck the grass in my back garden and hope I can justify that by getting across the water in mahon at my first attempt !!!!!!. John it was a real pleasure meeting you and I enjoyed your sense of humour and your golf knowledge. I have a feeling that I will be calling on your expertise some time in the future. Take care John.
Kind regards and many thanks.

John Skally – 18 handicap golfer from Cork City

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

Hi John,
Thanks. Quick update. Went out Saturday and shot 39 points with 3 blanks! Had been struggling to reach 30 pts recently! Went out this morning in a team event and holed a wedge for eagle at the first. Grip has definitely changed a lot. My shots are much straighter. It still feels strange but I will stick at it until it becomes normal. Thanks again for the great help and I will be onto you soon to book another lesson.

12 handicap golfer from Macroom Golf Club

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

Hi John

Part 1
Thanks for your summary note email. It was a great session yesterday, at least I feel now that I have a beginnings of a solid foundation to build a short game around. My previous attempts were just “hit and hopes” and I generally reverted to just poking it along the ground with a 9i or PW.
A good start, but lots of work to do. Thanks for your guidance.

Part 2
I recently finished a batch of 3 lessons with John over the course of 2 months and I’m really happy with the improvements I’ve made over that short time period. Johns approach to teaching is to keep things as simple as possible, and working on some very basic drills on body rotation I’ve seen the quality and consistency of my ball striking improve dramatically. One of the big advantages of working with John is the fact that’s he’s actually interested in how your game is progressing. After each lesson I got an mp3 recapping my session, which I found invaluable when I was hitting the range between lessons. And if I had had any questions, he was always quick to respond to my emails. Working with John has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my golf game, so much so I’ve booked in for a further block of 3 lessons to keep my game moving forward.

Brian Buckley, Handicap 14 Youghal Golf Club

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

Just a quick email to say thanks very much for helping me achieve one of my long term goals.
After just two lessons and practising only the drills you prescribed I have managed to break 80 for the first time by shooting 74 (+2) at Castlemartyr Golf Club.
When we worked together initially you observed some issues with my sequencing and how there was too much going on in my swing and in my head. We worked on getting the sequence of moves correct with some really practical drills that help tremendously.
The drills were easy to practice both at home and on the range and really helped as did your whole approach to the golf swing. Keeping it simple and working on a specific set of rotational movements provided a clear blueprint for my golf swing.
I can’t tell how happy I am with where my game is now compared to when I came for my first lesson. I have a clear guide to fall back on anytime I have trouble with my game thanks to your audio summaries provided after each lesson. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who felt they were not getting the most from their golf. Coming to you for lessons, based on feedback from other members at my club, was by far the best investment I’ve made in my golf. Thanks for the help!

Brian Ahern, Handicap 12 Kinsale Golf Club.

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

I went to John 3 weeks ago and I was on the verge of going up to 8 for the first time in 12 years and I have lost 1.4 since then and I am now down to 6 again. I’d recommend John to anyone to help with their golf swing.

J.P Ryan, Handicap 5 Monkstown Golf Club

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

I shot 82 in scratch cup on Saturday to get cut to 12 and halved my first foursomes match for the club in south east league yesterday. I am really happy with our progress in a short timeframe, things are starting to work!!” Thanks for your help.

Alan Beatty, 13 Handicap Cobh Golf Club.

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

John Dooley PGA Golf Professional teaches the game of golf through the use of simple yet sound swing techniques. Creating a stable base upon which to build a solid golf swing no matter what your level. Through adopting John`s approach to the game combined with his professional and friendly attitude, I found his golf lesson summary emails and audio clips very beneficial. Many thanks for your invaluable help. John I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants to improve their game.

Seamus Ahern, 18 Handicap, Mallow Golf Club

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

John, love my new golf swing, spending the weekend in Northern Ireland. Plan on playing Royal Portrush GC, Port Stewart GC, Enniscrone GC. I just played Royal Portrush GC Valley Links, 6054 yds., Par 69, shot a nice 88. Very happy with that, right at handicap nice course.
The Dunluce Links are closed, getting ready for the Irish Open!! Temps today on the tee at 8:15 AM were 1C (FROST ON THE CAR) , light wind 10 mph, then sun came out and warmed to 10 C. Shot 41 on front, 47 on back, and three putted three greens, lost 2 balls, oh well. But am very happy with the changes we have mead, need to keep working on them, practice & play as well. Happy Easter, I know you will be watching The Masters.

Jim, 20 Handicap, USA

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

Scored 42 points to win Cork Golf Club’s Captain Prize 2012. Thank you John and I lost two shots. Excellent!

Mike McCarthy, Cork Golf Club 12 Handicap

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

Hi John, Firstly I was gutted we never made over to you – both of us got a bad flu and took about 5 days off the holiday. However, it is official you are the ‘best golf coach’… I never thought it would happen but because of your lesson I was cut 2 shots on Saturday!! down to 34 from 36.. I just thought you might like to know of your pupils progress…!! I’ll keep doing my homework – the notes are most helpful.. With best wishes.

Maria Murphy, 34 Handicap, The Grange Golf Club

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

John helped me to improve in the following key areas:

  • Better set up and alignment.
  • Better pre shot routine which could be replicated on the course under pressure.
  • Improved my course management.
  • Showed simple and very effective exercise drills.
  • Developed a repetitive practice routine.
  • Tracked how far I hit the ball with each Iron for greater accuracy on the course.

John’s kept his explanation of the game very simply and this was a key feature to me while he worked on my game. John’s practice facility is excellent and it is private. Thus ensuring no interruptions and I had his full attention. It was great to be able to hitdrivers, long Irons, Mid Irons and wedges all off grass. I was also able to practice and develop my short game and pitching game in his short game area. I am enjoying my game a lot more thanks to John and as a result, I have become a more confident golfer. I would recommend John to players of all ages and handicap. From my observations John adapts his coaching techniques to all types of players and if your game is in need of some help. I recommend contacting John ASAP.

Andrew Fitzgerald Scratch Handicap, Ring of Kerry Golf Club.

A Golf Lesson Testimonial

Hi John, Thank you very much for your time yesterday in the wonderful setting of Concierge Golf and the wonderfully presented information you have sent.
Ultimately John in terms of what I got from the lesson (and your patient instruction) as discussed yesterday with you would be that I have quite literally never hit the ball the same way as I did with you yesterday – not once!! I make the comment in the context of 7 years (seasons) of trying and after a fair investment in the game: Books, DVD’s, lessons..etc…and knowing full well that there was something fundamental going on and that in trying to fix myself I was getting myself into even more trouble with all the associated frustration!!
However the proof of the pudding is in the eating: I went to the driving range last night with all dispatch so to ensure that I retained all the brilliant moves & retention drills you had given me, a short back swing does not come naturally to me so I had to drill it in and I was quite anxious to retain what you had given me!
John, I hit 60 x balls and “duffed” about 6 in total, all clubs, all off the grass driving bay (including the 3 wood & rescue club) with the driver off the tee of course – I was thrilled to be honest with the accuracy, distance and much improved consistency: brilliant!!!
As an aside I was very impressed John that you firstly took the time to hit my clubs, no other pro has ever done that & you listened to me to give you an understating as to where to accurately address your instruction – it gave me a level of assurance that as the very first starting point I was at least using a decent set of clubs.
Thank you so much John, I can assure you I will be seeing you again soon, Kind Regards,

John Cousins 15 Handicap, Kinsale golf club.