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PGA Professional
John Dooley

10 Great Reasons Why You Should
Be Coached By PGA Professional John Dooley

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  1. Certainly, I find that by using the latest golf teaching video technology (K-Vest & Trackman Golf Swing Analysis). These technologies allow more accurate conversations between golfing students, clearly viewing progress and identify swing mistakes. Visually understanding swing faults, thus making the necessary swing corrections immediately and delivering faster results.
  2. Notably, I have a proven track record in coaching players of all levels from beginners, juniors, ladies, seniors to top amateurs.
  3. My coaching methods are skill based and I delivery simple golf swing technical information accurately and to the point. Furthermore, golf swing knowledge is crucial. I am passionate about keeping up to date with all the latest teaching methods and regularly attend PGA Coaching Seminars with some of the best coaches in the world.
  4. Our golf facility is one of the best private locations to learn how to play better golf in Cork. Additionally, a chipping & putting green, short game areas and the private practice ground is over 360 yards in length. Also, we only use grade A golf balls for each golf lessons and so golfers can enjoy the best possible experience.
  5. After each golf lesson, an email is sent to you with an audio file of the summary notes from each golf lesson. Where you can download and listen to our golf lesson’s keynotes from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This is a really good tool to remind each golfer of all the swing information to work during or before their next practice session.
  6. Significantly, the information during a golf lesson can become complicated quickly. If required, golfers can request a customized personal golf development program based on their requirements. I now offer lesson packages in groups of three golf lessons to deal with golfer’s requests.
  7. Clearly, my promise is to work closely with golfers identifying and achieve their golfing goals.
  8. As a result of my 20 years of golf coaching experiences. Thankfully, I have had the pleasure to have worked with a lot of different golf swings. I have consistently delivered on coaching golfers to win competitions, reduce their handicaps, post better scores, make teams, and reach their goals successfully. Agreeably, success and goals are unique to each golfer. It is important to note what your golfing ambitions are to reach your full golfing potential.
  9. My golf coaching methods will change how you practice golf and resulting in your game improving. I will guarantee that you will see improving results to your game. Golf is a game takes time and sometimes golf is a hard game to see any such improvements. However, as golfers we need to keep on practising golf and don’t stop, just keep going.
  10. In summary, coaching golfers to play better golf is not a job but a lifelong passion. I want nothing more but to improve each golfer to their potential and beyond.

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