Ladies Golf Lessons Cork

Ladies Golf Lessons Cork Ireland

Ladies golf lessons in Cork at John Dooley PGA, Riverstown Glanmire. Co. Cork. Each golf lesson is coached by John Dooley a PGA professional and my main goal is to make each golfer play their best golf. However, getting better at golf takes time and plenty of practice. Which both are essential to reach your golfing goals.

Over the years, I have found that creating a good coaching environment is critically important for golfers to improve. Mainly, I have found that some ladies enjoy one to one sessions, other ladies like to learn within a group of friends. From my experiences, I now have a number of golf lesson packages for ladies that can be tailored to suit their game and their needs.

Ladies Golf Lessons in Cork

Benefits of Group and Individual Coaching Sessions

  • Time: The individual sessions are focused on one-to-one coaching sessions. Whereas, the group coaching sessions are shared between the lady golfers.
  • Cost: The cost of group sessions is more economical compared to individual golf lessons.
  • Level of ability: Certainly, ladies that play golf or start to play golf at similar golfing ability will grow in confidence within a group.
  • Timing: An individual will book a golf lesson time that suits their schedule. Whereas, a group needs to-coordinate a time that suits the group.
  • Environment: The ladies’ golf lessons take place on the grass surface at Riverstown House, Glanmire for all golf lessons. The wide-open grass spaces are so much more relaxing compared to a driving range. Unfortunately, some driving range bays have very little room and sometimes use a poor-quality golf practice ball.
  • Coaching: Typically my coaching methods are combined with warm-up activities and with the right amount of technical information for each lady golfer to improve.

Ladies Golf Lesson Packages for 2023

I have three ladies’ golf packages for ladies looking for flexibility to work around their free time and providing the best coaching environment. The benefit of a small group is that you arrange a time that suits the group compared to a fixed time. Hitting from the grass with a good quality golf ball, working on putting on a good putting surface, learning how to play bunker shots and chip shots, hitting better iron shots, improving consistency and hitting the ball further are the sum of the coaching packages. We can design the golf coaching package that suits your and the group’s needs. Either way, play well and enjoy golfing, which is critical for ladies Golf Lessons Cork.

Individual Golf Package3 x 30-minute Golf Lessons

€130.00 for 1 to 1 sessions

Pick from different areas to work on your game

Driving, Iron play, pitching, chipping, bunker play or putting

Group of 2 Ladies Golf Package4 x 30-minute Golf Lessons

€120.00 Per Person

Driving, Iron play, pitching, chipping, bunker play or putting

Pick from different areas to work on your game

Group of 3 Ladies Golf Package4 x 45-minute Golf Lessons

€90.00 Per Person

Targeting 4 areas of the game of golf

Iron play, Driving for better distance, putting, chipping, bunker play or pitching

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