A Quick Putting Tip

A Quick Putting Tip

I find that when I ask golfers where the ball strikes the club during a putt? The answer tends to be “I hit the ball of the heal, the toe and the middle of the face.”

Bearing this issue in mind…

Here is a quick putting tip to help you. If you are hitting putts off the heel of the putter. Sometimes I find golfers are trying to make their backswing too straight. This action can result in a hooded putter face which can send the putter face off track/aim when putter strikes the ball.

Work on the Putter swing path:


Make the putter swing slightly inside during your backswing so you can hit the ball along the line of the putt towards your target. The point here is to keep the putting function simple but spend a lot of time practising the art of putting.


Putting Tip with John Dooley PGAA putter swing path that might be for you

Hold the Putter:

Golfers should know that holding the putting and aiming the putter are critical to becoming a better putter. It is important for golfers to know about hitting the ball along the line of your putt. (For right-handed golfer). Indeed, place your index finger from your right hand along the right side of the putter grip. This finger position is aimed at giving you a sense of hitting/putting the ball to your target or along the line of the putt. A putting tip should fit a golfer’s game like a glove. However, tips can be hard work and it is crucial to golfers to practice all tips. Thus ensuring that the tips are accurate. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Finally, please note that every golf should know that it is important to Accurate Golf Practice.

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