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TrackMan Gapping Session For Golfers

One of the frequent uses of TrackMan is a distance gapping session. This is a trackman gapping session where golfers hit each golf club in their bag and trackman measures that distance. This is vital information for scoring better at golf and making more accurate golf club selection decisions. As golfers, we need to know approximately how far we hit each golf club. Whereas, the process is simply hitting four to five shots per club. Albeit, there are all sorts of information gathered by trackman. However, we would be mainly focusing on the distance carried per club. Furthermore, that specific information will be collected and a report will be sent later that evening.

Notably, a gapping session will take approximately 1hr to complete. Also, it is important to coach the golf swing as we progress through the gapping session. The cost for this service is €110.00.

Also, for golfers that are buying a new set of golf clubs from John Dooley PGA. Certainly, if you’d like more information please contact us today.

Club Fitting

Trackman accuracy can identify the key components comparing clubs during a fitting session. Indeed, using trackman to identify is critical to a club fitting. Ensure that you are using a Trackman for your next club fitting experience.

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