Setting goals and golf lessons in Cork 2022

Setting goals and golf lessons Cork 2022.

Setting goals and golf lessons in Cork 2022

Have you set your golfing goals for 2022?

Yes indeed, goal setting is a really important part to developing your game, because to get anywhere we need a destination and a method to get there. Take a minute or two to review golf and how you are playing the game. Perhaps you have started playing golf within the last 8 or 9 months and if you have broken 100 shots? Or you are playing golf for the last number of years and with bits of success from time to time!

Now it is time to focus on setting goals. Is your goal to break 90 or win a club competition? Indeed, your handicap can be stuck on 12 and you want to get to 9? Also, you might be targeting playing on the club teams, and you want that team! But, do you know what parts of your game need improving to become a really good team player?

Whether you are breaking 70, 80, 90, 100 or reducing your handicap or working towards playing for your club in the upcoming inter-club competitions. You will need a starting point. Not unlike any other goal, set the goal and go for it.

Yes, the goal needs to be achievable as there is no point working on a task that is too hard or too easy to achieve, there needs to be some level of struggle achieving your goal or goals. Also, you may not know what the struggle will be, until you start that journey.

Track Your Performances:

Secondly, start recording your results from each round played. Indeed, you will need to record your playing data and track that data. Such as:

  • Count many fairways and greens do you hit in regulation?
  • Add up, how many ups and downs do you make compared to the number of greens missed?
  • Also, how many putts per green were taken?

Then calculate all that information from each hole played, aggregate your data into averages from four competitive rounds and that is your starting averages. Then compare that information to the next 4 rounds and repeat the process for the next four rounds.

Clearly, if your data is accurate you can pinpoint your weaknesses and then start working on improving those areas. Also, keep a refection diary and note how your performances differ when the pressure is on compared to no pressure and what did

The Coaching Focus setting goals and golf lessons in cork 2022.:

My focus for coaching for 2022 is working on your swing, driving, putting, bunker shots or short game technique, I want you to track your performances. In doing so, we can easily identify the parts of your game that need to improve. Sometimes golfers feel that how they hit the ball is the problem, whereas once you have the overall view of your performance. Now you will be able to see the critical part of your game that needs immediate attention.

Notably, as part of my standard 3 x 30-minute golf lesson packages for 2022. I will be asking each golfer to start collecting their performing data to clearly identify what the golfer needs to work on. For more information, please contact me as soon as possible and let’s get working on your game for 2022!

Finally, keep practising and keep working on your game, ensure you are setting goals and golf lessons cork 2022. Contact John Dooley Today by clicking here.

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