The Ping 2 iron Test

Ping 2 iron Test
Ping 2 iron Test

The Ping Test

The following data is from two golfers testing the difference between a Ping Raptor 2 iron versus a Ping Eye 2 Beryllium Copper head.  Both golfers are skilled players, one playing off a 5 handicap and the other is a PGA Golf Professional. The Beryllium copper ping eye 2 irons were introduced in 1982 and the copper head was branded one of golf’s all-time best selling irons.

Benefits from 1982 Ping Eye 2:

Extreme perimeter weighting & a unique sole design contributes to perimeter weighting promoting cleaner strikes. Preferred by a range of players to high-handicappers to PGA Golf Professionals all over. It is suggested that the metal Copper is ideal for players club-head hitting feedback.

Benefits from 2013 Ping Raptor 2 iron.

The shaft is 39.75-inch length with an 18-degree head.  half an inch longer than a standard 2-iron shaft, resulting in more club-head speed and for longer distances. Also, Tungsten heel and toe weights adds to club-head speed.

Test Results:

Corrispondately, the goal from this exercise was to simply compare Trackman data from hitting 5 shot off the mat and 5 shots off the tee with each club.

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Player 1, 0 Handicap Club Head Speed Ball Speed Carry Distance Spin Rates Ave Flight Time 
Beryllium Copper 2 Iron – 90.91 134.54 197.54 3244.72 5.93
Rapture 2 Iron + 93.14 136.53 202.35 3383.41 6.24
Differences 2.23 1.99 4.81 138.69 0.31
% Diff 2.46% 1.48% 2.44% 4.27% 5.39%
Player 2, 5 handicap
Beryllium Copper 2 Iron – 89.6 128.18 181.36 4210.33 5.75
Rapture 2 Iron + 92.51 131.46 187.14 3851.44 6
Differences 2.91 3.28 5.78 -358.89 0.25
% Diff 3.25% 2.56% 3.19% -8.52% 4.35%


Approx. 31 years is the difference between both the golf clubs release dates. Truly, the fact that the Ping Eye 2 can still perform compared to the Raptor 2 Iron is a testament to the quality golf clubs manufactured by Ping Golf. However, the raptor 2 iron is clearly a better option for both players. Notably, better ball speed, longer flight times and faster clubhead speeds. Clearly, a good club to use playing golf courses with lay-up shots and par 3s around 200 – 220 yards. Overall, I find the Ping Raptor 2 iron to be a really good performing club.


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