Christmas Golf Gifts for Ladies or Gents

6 Ideal Christmas Golf Gifts for Ladies or Gents

The following are ideas for 2019 Christmas Golf Gifts for men. Ideally, most golfers have just about everything. However, there might be a few things that might fit your Christmas gift budget.

2018 Christmas Golf Gifts | Cork Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons Vouchers:

The classic three thirty-minute golf lessons is always a lovely Christmas golf gift. In summary, each golf lesson is working on different golf swing segments such as hitting & the long game, driving, pitching, putting, chipping & bunker-shots. There is not a golf lesson expiry date and the golfer can use the golf lessons any time at all.

Action to buy:

Contact John at email: or call 0879277997 to arrange a €120.00 golf lesson voucher today. 

Club Fitting Vouchers:

To identify what golf clubs are suited to a golfer he/she should go through a club fitting process to identify what golf clubs, shafts, grip. The club fitting gift is easy, meaningful, price easy and thoughtful.

Action to buy:

Contact us at email: or call 0879277997 to arrange a €50.00 club fitting voucher today.

New Golf Clubs:

It is a difficult task to buy golf clubs for someone else. There are so many brands to choose from and also, what is the set that your loved one really wants to play with? An easy suggestion is to buy a gift voucher for €500.00 for both a set of golf clubs and a golf club fitting. That enables the golfer to book an appointment to go through a club fitting and form the information he/she can pick out what golf clubs to buy.

A guide for to the cost of 13 golf clubs from three top golf club brands (4 iron to PW, with 50, 54 and 58 degree-wedges)

  • Mizuno Irons
  • Muira Irons tournament blades
  • PXGs 2Gen-Irons

 Action to buy:

Contact us at email: or call 0879277997 to arrange a €200.00 gift voucher today!

Corkcicle Tumblers.

Corkcicle tumblers are cool looking canteen or tumblers. Also, check out Corkcicle’s website to view the range of bright colours to choose from. But, I say it a pretty cool cup! The tumbler is made from stainless steel and triple insulation. What I like is that the cup is vacuum-sealed and will keep your drinks cold for 9+ hours. Also, the tumbler can keep coffee hot from more than 3 hours!

Action to buy:

Website: Cork Circle Collection and you can find the products on You can expect to pay from €25.00 upwards depending on what you decide to buy.

Yardage/Range Finders

Currently, there is a wide range of devices and gadgets that will measure the specific distance from the player’s location to the hole. Such as handheld devices, watches, hat clips and phone apps. The rangefinder is an excellent gift and depending on your budget. The brand that I use is Bushnell and the model that I have used recently is called the Hybrid V.2 GPS rangefinder. The Hybrid V.2 retails around €499.00, however, Bushnell offers a number of similar products for prices €349.00 to €579.00

Action to buy:

Contact us at email: or call 0879277997 to purchase a handheld Bushnell devise today.

Change Golf Grips | Club Repairs

There is nothing worse than playing with clubs knowing that the golf grips are toast. Also, the grip time is nigh once the grip is worn away in places, slippery or ripped. The ghost of Christmas future is saying a new set of 13 golf grips will cost from €100.00 to €210.00. Certainly, this time of year is a good time to regrip golf clubs and the regripping process will take less than two hours.

Action to buy:

Contact us at email: or call 0879277997 to purchase a gift voucher for golf grips today.

Final note.

Notably, the following is a link to a previous blog about creating golf goals. Click HERE to see more and best of luck with 2019 Christmas Golf Gifts for the boys and girls.

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